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Life is precious, will steer my way, make it worthy to its creator : Karuna Onta

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Bystander’s Apathy

Love, they say, is elixir of life
Soft the touch is, warm the feeling
Compassion, they say, is essence of human living
Soulful it feels and warmth it spills

I neither find love nor compassion in the vicinity, I live
I am kicked out of the house, the rent of which I don’t have to give
I can barely walk with a stick, with a young child that weeps in grief
The father had raped her without thinking of the consequences it could bring

I use all my might to put him behind bars and out of my sight
I regret any relationship that I had with that monster who left me in fright
Sorry I am for the child, who became a victim for no reason and rhyme
I hope to do everything to seal her scar, forever to become dim and light

With bruises on her body, sorrow in her eyes, I walk her near the river
We both wash, splash the water and feel the chill to have given us some shiver
All senses seem alive, our desire to live, has still has some rigour
I hug my child tight, pour her with all the warmth and love, I treasure

We both walk amidst the apathetic bystanders
Our heads held firm before all those total strangers
Those who didn’t speak up, for the right, in front of others
Who judged us more under their nonsensical moral pressure

Bystanders are nothing, but a shadow of their own existence
They walk around with their body and dead conscience
They live a life in shallow and possess no substance
No right they have toshow sympathy and be our saviours

Strong willpower is my gift from nature
Slowly I will gather the broken parts together
One dreadful incidence cannot crush my child’s dreams for ever
Life is precious, will steer my way, make it worthy to its creator

Karuna Onta


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