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Zero Budget Politics campaign is the ultimate solution for creating better Society.” Says Reddy

Every citizens get Quality  education , health and employment so that we can prosperous India in real sense than reel sense , we should say India is rich as well Indian also rich than Indians are poor that’s Possible when politics and Politicians are good. He has been Campaigning for Zero Budget Politics , which […]

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Pandemic and changing life style of people : MEDHAVI SHRESTHA

MEDHAVI SHRESTHA, Kathmandu, October 1. Use of technology is evolving rapidly during the time of Covid-19. Each and everyone is utilizing technology in various ways. Since the beginning of this pandemic, various changes have occurred in many line of work. People use technology for school, shopping, work, paying bills and so on. The number of […]

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if everyone wants peace, why there is no peace? : Saumyaa Jha

Talk not, practice for peace Saumyaa Jha, Kathmandu. Though people don’t like yet the most used headlines in television, newspaper, radio or online portal is war these days . Be it US-China, India-China, Israel-Palestine, India-Pakistan or Middle East conflict, they are the headlines of every news bulletin. No country in world that is not facing […]