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A Nation of Paradoxes: When the Bhutan Refugees Re-integrated into the Philosophy of Gross National Happiness?

Dr. Bawa Singh & Dr.Jaspal Kaur Bhutan’s social system is comprised of different social structure and has different ethnic identities, engaged in different occupations; profess different faith, beliefs, customs, and values. Notwithstanding these differences, Bhutan is believed to be one of the happiest countries in Asia and the world. As far as the philosophy of […]

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Teaching of Chinese Language (Mandarin), Is there any harm in making it second language? Birendra P Mishra

By Birendra P Mishra . Our ethos is based on the saying in Sanskrtit, “Education delivers humility (Vinayam), humility gives ability or deserving capacity (Patrata) from which wealth (Dhana) is obtained and wealth brings righteousness or dutifulness (Dharma) which ultimately leads to happiness (Sukha). Thus, education is supposed develop a mental frame or mind set […]

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Concentration is very important Says Tavleen Arora ( Youngest Author )

S.S.Dogra, New Delhi. “Concentration is very important. If we will not do concentration we can’t do anything. for eg-my father always concentrate while reading a book.”  Can you imagine who quote this. Yes, She is none other than a Youngest Indian Author Tavleen Arora.  The above lines are taken from her book PEP TALKS released […]

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Economic Survey pegs GDP growth at 7% in 2019-20 Says 8% sustained growth needed to achieve $5 trillion target

New Delhi, July 4India’s economic growth, which is expected to rebound from a five-year low to 7 per cent this year, now needs to shift gears to accelerate and sustain a higher growth rate to become a $5 trillion economy by 2024-25, the pre-Budget Economic Survey said on Thursday. Investment rate, which was been declining […]

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‘Dangal’ star Zaira Wasim quits Bollywood, says ‘relationship with religion was threatened’

Mumbai, June 30: National Award-winning actress Zaira Wasim, who rose to fame with her debut in Aamir Khan’s film Dangal (2016) on Sunday in a surprising move, announced her ‘disassociation’ from the field of acting, saying she was not happy with the line of work citing that it interfered with her faith and religion. In […]

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‘We Take Democracy for Granted’: Modi Reminds People of Emergency in 1st ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Post Polls

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reminded people of the Emergency and urged them not to take democracy “for granted”, saying in day-to-day life, it is difficult to savour the joy of democratic rights, unless they are snatched away. In his first ‘Mann ki Baat’ monthly radio address after returning to power, he said […]

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CGI Birgunj and Brahmbhumi Health research center organized symposium on Ayurveda

Birgunj,29 June 2019. One day symposium on opportunities and challenges for Nepal and India to grow together in Ayurveda was organized at Birgunj on June 28, 2019. Symposium was organized jointly by CGI Birgunj and Brahmbhumi Health research center Sarlahi. About 100 delegates comprising of Ayurveda Doctors, Practitioners, Academicians, industrial units in the field of […]