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Concentration is very important Says Tavleen Arora ( Youngest Author )

S.S.Dogra, New Delhi. “Concentration is very important. If we will not do concentration we can’t do anything. for eg-my father always concentrate while reading a book.”  Can you imagine who quote this. Yes, She is none other than a Youngest Indian Author Tavleen Arora.  The above lines are taken from her book PEP TALKS released […]

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‘We Take Democracy for Granted’: Modi Reminds People of Emergency in 1st ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Post Polls

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reminded people of the Emergency and urged them not to take democracy “for granted”, saying in day-to-day life, it is difficult to savour the joy of democratic rights, unless they are snatched away. In his first ‘Mann ki Baat’ monthly radio address after returning to power, he said […]

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we should forget Paksh and Vipaksh,should think with a ‘Nishpaksh spirit’ : PM Modi says on twitter

When we come to Parliament, we should forget Paksh and Vipaksh. We should think about issues with a ‘Nishpaksh spirit’ and work in the larger interest of the nation: PM @narendramodi The role of an Opposition and an active Opposition is important in a Parliamentary democracy. The Opposition need not bother about their numbers. I […]

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174 Hindu organisations committed for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ !

Successful conclusion of 8th All India Convention for ‘Hindu Nation’ Ramnathi (Goa) – The Constitution of our country is said to be ‘Secular’. However, as per Article 370 of the Constitution, the word ‘Secular’ can’t be inserted in the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. The result is strange that our country is secular, but the […]

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To stop the loot of temples, it is necessary to liberate them from the control of Government ! – Adv. Kiran Bettadapur

Overt support by Owaisi of ‘AIMIM’ to the ‘ISIS” terrorists !  – BJP MLA T Raja Singh, Hyderabad      Ramnathi (Goa) – ‘In the series of bomb explosions that took place in Hyderabad in 2002 many innocents were killed. The terrorists belonging to ‘ISIS’ who were arrested in this case were supported by Owaisi. Later, […]

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Tamil Nadu State is moving in the direction of Jammu-Kashmir ! – Shri. Arjun Sampath

Sects should adopt expansiveness for the ‘Hindu Nation’ !– Pujya Santshri (Dr.) Santosh Ji Maharaj, Maharashtra       Ramnathi (Goa) – ‘A fine coordination between spiritual practice and propagation of Dharma (DharmaPrasar) is being witnessed in the 8th All India Convention for the ‘Hindu Nation’. I was pleased to observe on arriving at Convention […]