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Walk of my life : Karuna Onta

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Walk of my life

We, family of four, have begun our not so pleasant tour
Started our walk home, to feel more safe and secure
With no work and support we were left in lure
Fear of dying of hunger shook us to the core

Walk of three hundred miles has no end in sight
Generous people on the way offer us food of some kind
World still has people who serve others with no return in mind
Exhausted physically and mentally I think of dropping this walk behind

Torn slippers will soon give away, home still is far away
I fear this walk will sojourn, making me a COVID prey
We all have zero energy to endure any more pain
My children’s laughter has disappeared in vain

My heart weighs heavier than the weight of the earth
Numb is my body, with feelings of no self-worth
All I desire, an end to this journey and reach the place of my birth
Thirty days of walk brings me to the end of my search

Poverty is the demon, seldom defeated by the poor
Determined I continue this fight which is not to end soon or be over
I inhale the elixir of life from my motherland for which I longed forever
Live or die I re-pick the battle, ‘never give up’ is my life mantra

Karuna Onta, Kathmandu.

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