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Teaching of Chinese Language (Mandarin), Is there any harm in making it second language? Birendra P Mishra

By Birendra P Mishra . Our ethos is based on the saying in Sanskrtit, “Education delivers humility (Vinayam), humility gives ability or deserving capacity (Patrata) from which wealth (Dhana) is obtained and wealth brings righteousness or dutifulness (Dharma) which ultimately leads to happiness (Sukha). Thus, education is supposed develop a mental frame or mind set […]

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Concentration is very important Says Tavleen Arora ( Youngest Author )

S.S.Dogra, New Delhi. “Concentration is very important. If we will not do concentration we can’t do anything. for eg-my father always concentrate while reading a book.”  Can you imagine who quote this. Yes, She is none other than a Youngest Indian Author Tavleen Arora.  The above lines are taken from her book PEP TALKS released […]

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CGI Birgunj and Brahmbhumi Health research center organized symposium on Ayurveda

Birgunj,29 June 2019. One day symposium on opportunities and challenges for Nepal and India to grow together in Ayurveda was organized at Birgunj on June 28, 2019. Symposium was organized jointly by CGI Birgunj and Brahmbhumi Health research center Sarlahi. About 100 delegates comprising of Ayurveda Doctors, Practitioners, Academicians, industrial units in the field of […]

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How to develop patriotism and religious pride among children ?

Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. Now-a-days young generation badly lacks the sense of patriotism and religious pride. If this situation continues, then our nation will shortly be devastated. So we must try to develop patriotism amongst children right from early days. The sense of patriotism should have been created in children from the […]

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“Media Ek Kadam Aage” book by S. S. Dogra released

Noida, 7 June 2019. The second book “Media one step ahead” “मीडिया एक कदम आगे” written in hindi by Journalist-Author S.S.Dogra released in Film City, Marwah Studio, Noida, on the occasion of World Environment Day. The Global Media Guru Dr.Sandeep Marwah appreciated Mr. Dogra as true mentor for Journalism students. Interestingly, Mr. Dogra has so […]

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Most essential for Hindus to awaken about the Islamisation of Ayodhya !

Ramnathi (Goa) – ‘Ayodhya is ‘Kaushalnagari’ created by Deities and its total land admeasures 84 Kos (1 Kos is a little more than 3 kms.). In its surrounding, Sitakund, Saptasagar Sarovar along with many ponds and lakes exist. However, Ayodhya city now remains only 5 sq. kms. In remaining areas, mosques and majars are erected. The land […]

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Deputy Prime Minister Yadav met with Chinese Health Minister in  Geneva

Kathmandu, 21 may .  Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Upendra Yadav has said that the goal of controlling rubella within the next two years has gone ahead. Speaking at the 72th meeting of World Health Organization, he said this. In the conference organized by the ‘Universal Health Coverage: with the slogan Living No Way […]

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What is the true meaning of word Dharma (Righteousness) ?

  Life without Dharma is akin to life without oxygen, that in other words is being as good as dead. Dharma is the soul of an individual. If everyone complies with the teachings of Dharma, nature will become favourable to human happiness. This article explains origin, definition and meaning of Dharma, creation of Dharma and importance of abiding by Dharma.1 . Origin, Definition and […]