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Pandemic and changing life style of people : MEDHAVI SHRESTHA

MEDHAVI SHRESTHA, Kathmandu, October 1. Use of technology is evolving rapidly during the time of Covid-19. Each and everyone is utilizing technology in various ways. Since the beginning of this pandemic, various changes have occurred in many line of work. People use technology for school, shopping, work, paying bills and so on. The number of […]

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“Zero Budget Politics campaign is the ultimate solution for creating better Society.” Says Madhava Reddy

Every citizens get Quality  education , health and employment so that we can prosperous India in real sense than reel sense , we should say India is rich as well Indian also rich than Indians are poor that’s Possible when politics and Politicians are good. He has been Campaigning for Zero Budget Politics , which […]

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Listen : Prachee shah

Listen Listen, To the silence within It’s reaching out to you Acquainting you with all your sins Listen, To the darkness of the night They speak a thousand words Revealing that not everything beautiful Is always bright Listen, To the endless horizon It screams “forever” Even with copious amount of poison Listen, To the stillness […]

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What crisis are women facing? : Divya Tiwari

Divya Tiwari. Currently, incidents of violence against women have increased during the lockdown applied to control COVID-19 in various countries of the world. A major women’s aid helpline, generally in the United Kingdom, has reported a 700% increase in complaints of domestic violence cases. Cases of female violence have increased during the lockout, but due […]

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India Sees World’s Highest Single-day Rise With Nearly 79,000 New Covid-19 Cases

India on Sunday set a new virus record when it reported 78,761 new infections in 24 hours, according to health ministry figures, passing the United States with the world’s highest single-day rise. India, home to 1.3 billion people, is already the world’s third-most infected nation with more than 3.5 million cases, behind the US and […]