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When Sonia duplicates the moments of Shah-Bano case.

 Sonia’s selective outrage at ‘ Humanity being on trial’, tantamounts to a harsh slap in the face of Hindus! Vivekanand Jha Ranchi: Writing in his autobiography My Country My Life, the contemporary patriarch of BJP, Lal Krishna Advani, had dwelt at length on myriad issues and dimensions of Indian politics. Significantly, many of such issues […]

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Has India trusted Prachanda? Postmortem of his five-days visit : Birendra P Mishra

File photo Birendra P Mishra, Kathmandu. PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda, addressing his press conference at Tribhuvan International Airport, returning after completing his four-day ( May30 to June 2, 2023) visit said that he succeeded in building trust with India. Relevantly, during their joint press conference PM Modi also claimed to take the bilateral relations […]

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When Pakistan should return to its Sanatan roots.

 The united Bharatvarsha, the land of Sanatanis, stood fragmented by the visceral hatred of one community against the other; the unprecedented bloodshed which contributed towards the creation of Pakistan, an Islamic nation, stands today ravaged by the back breaking economic distress and an eventual impending doom, which can only be reversed, if Pakistan reconciles to […]

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With Abhishek drifting away from Mamata, can Nitish- Laloo remain in nuptial bonding for long?

 Will Abhishek Banerjee do to Mamata what Shinde did to Uddhav, and will Nitish end up being casualty of his own political calisthenics in Bihar, the rapidly unfolding situations in Bengal and Bihar appears to suggest the same?With Abhishek drifting away from Mamata, can Nitish- Laloo remain in nuptial bonding for long? Vivekanand Jha Ranchi: […]

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When Rashtriya Lokneeti Party heralds a new beginning under a new leadership.

Vivekanand Jha Ranchi: Rashtriya Lokneeti Party, despite being hobbled by its recent inception, resource crunch and multiple other internal contradictions, nevertheless has magnificently succeeded in creating an upsurge of its own presence in Uttar Pradesh by extending its wholehearted support to BJP in the ongoing election in Uttar Pradesh. Significantly, the Party has been under […]

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When Modi’s defeat will be followed by Ghazwa e Hind.

Vivekanand Jha, Ranchi . Modi, irrespective of praise and criticisms, notwithstanding his achievements or failures, is the global phenomenon of 21st century. The master in real politicking, has institutionalised, by virtue of orchestrating such a degree and magnitude of attention around him, that bidding a political goodbye to him will never be an easy task […]

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Opportunity for the revival of Congress ? : Lilanath Gautam

One thing is worth mentioning here – in the 13th session, Deuba had told the current Vice-Chairman Vimlendra Nidhi – ‘Collaborate me this time, I will cooperate with you for the post of chairman in the coming term.’ But when that opportunity came, Deuba himself was the candidate for chairman Lilanath Gautam, (From Himalini Hindi […]

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Committee constitued to investigate China-Nepal border dispute Another political delude? : Shweta Deepti

China is doing all this work to strengthen its strength and to put pressure on India, of which Nepal is also becoming a part, although thegovernment has always been saying that Nepal will not allow its soil to beused for anti-India activities. The unseen truth is that it is just happening.It has been Chinese policy […]