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Self-reliance 2.0: Decoding the Modi Mantra of Development

“..21st century (belongs to) India…this vision (strengthens)…our resolve of self-reliant India…the meaning of self-reliance has changed…India does not advocate self-centric arrangements…India’s progress (is)…integral to (that) of the world….imperative for us to move forward with bold reforms to create a self-reliant India…(to handle) tough competition in the global supply chain…(the economic package) will increase the efficiency […]

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Rise of People’s Socialist Party: A New Nepal in the Making : Dr.Geeta Kochhar Jaiswal & Sipu Tiwari

Dr. Geeta Kochhar Jaiswal & Sipu Tiwari. Nepal is again on a political turmoil with agitated politicians and unhappy people. The turmoil this time seems to be created and promoted by the ruling majority party Nepal Communist Party (NCP)  under the leadership of Prime Minister Kadga Prasad Oli. April 22, 2020 became a whole night […]

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India’s Formal Diplomacy in Nepal : Birendra Prasad Mishra

Formal Diplomacy: The overall diplomacy of a country is the joint product of the decisions taken by the government of the state (foreign ministry) and their efficient execution by the representative (the ambassador) in the country where he is assigned to discharge his duties. Moreover, the feedback of the diplomat forms the very basis of […]

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Baburam Paudel, Pokhara16 April , 2020. Nepal is in lockdown to defend the pandemics of Corona. It is time for doing good to check pandemics for all. So, people also should obey all measures of precautions. After being two-month-long stability the first stage of corona infection, Nepal has entered the second stage that is the stage before the community […]

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Nepal’s Stability At the Crossroad: Coronavirus Lessons from China’s Periphery : Geeta kochhar Jaiswal

Dr. GEETA KOCHHAR JAISWAL, New Delhi, 25 march,2020.  With Nepal facing the greater risk of Coronavirus, there is tension, panic and fear among its citizens. As a 19 year old girl returning from France is confirmed of carrying the virus, the government resorted to strict measures to stop all international flights, close borders with both […]

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Clear historical evidence on Kalapani-Lipu Lekh issue

The Indian checkposts, Lipu Lekh, and Kalapani SAM COWAN   Buddhi Narayan Shrestha’s dates for the deployment and withdrawal of the checkposts need treating with care. We can be more certain about the withdrawal timescale because of detail given in Rishikesh Shaha’s book Nepali Politics: Retrospect and Prospect. It gives extracts of an exclusive interview […]