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Clear historical evidence on Kalapani-Lipu Lekh issue

The Indian checkposts, Lipu Lekh, and Kalapani SAM COWAN   Buddhi Narayan Shrestha’s dates for the deployment and withdrawal of the checkposts need treating with care. We can be more certain about the withdrawal timescale because of detail given in Rishikesh Shaha’s book Nepali Politics: Retrospect and Prospect. It gives extracts of an exclusive interview […]

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Effectiveness of EPG, Will its suggestions carry any weight ? : Birendra P Mishra

Birendra P Mishra, Kathmandu, 6 September 2019 . These days, those who were enthusiastic about the implementation of the suggestions of the Eminent’ Group constitured by both Nepal and India in 2016, are getting disheartened by the delay in submitting the report to the Indian Prime Minister and also by the recent visit of the Indian […]

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A Nation of Paradoxes: When the Bhutan Refugees Re-integrated into the Philosophy of Gross National Happiness?

Dr. Bawa Singh & Dr.Jaspal Kaur Bhutan’s social system is comprised of different social structure and has different ethnic identities, engaged in different occupations; profess different faith, beliefs, customs, and values. Notwithstanding these differences, Bhutan is believed to be one of the happiest countries in Asia and the world. As far as the philosophy of […]

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To stop the loot of temples, it is necessary to liberate them from the control of Government ! – Adv. Kiran Bettadapur

Overt support by Owaisi of ‘AIMIM’ to the ‘ISIS” terrorists !  – BJP MLA T Raja Singh, Hyderabad      Ramnathi (Goa) – ‘In the series of bomb explosions that took place in Hyderabad in 2002 many innocents were killed. The terrorists belonging to ‘ISIS’ who were arrested in this case were supported by Owaisi. Later, […]

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Journalist should not be angry in any situation in any interview : Ravindra Mishra

Insulting the guest in interview is not the religion of journalist 20 April, Kathmandu.  President of Sajha Vivekshil Party Ravindra Mishra has pointed out the weaknesses of the journalist in the controversial interview of Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Upendra Yadav. He said that the journalist should not be angry in any situation at […]