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Kalapani: A Bargaining Chip of Nepal Against India : Dr.Geeta Kochhar Jaiswal

On November 4, 2019, The Kathmandu Post published a news titled “India’s New Political Map Places Disputed Territory of Kalapani Inside Its Own Borders”. The news quoted unrevealed sources stating that “disputed tracts of land between Nepal and India, like Kalapani and Lipu Lekh pass are placed inside Indian territory” for which Nepal’s Survey Department […]

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Touching and Contextual Thoughts From the heart of BASANT CHAUDHARY at Vishwa Kavya Yatra

नहीं मांगता ऐ खुदा कि ज़िन्दगी सौ साल की हो… हो भले चंद लम्हों की, मगर कमाल की हो ! The Canada-US leg of my Vishwa Kavya Yatra has drawn to a close. There is a sense of fulfilment. But it is also tinged with pain for a person like me who revels in journeying […]

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There will be a new dawn and better tomorrow : PM Modi on Chandrayaan-2

Manoj Banaita . “There will be a new dawn and better tomorrow ” says PM Modi on Chandrayaan-2 7th September Addressing scientists at Bengaluru’s ISRO control centre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the best is yet to come in our space programme, and India is with their scientists. “Learnings from today will make us stronger […]

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Jaishankar’s Visit to Nepal – Opens Door for Equal Footing Relationship : Dr. Geeta Kochhar Jaiswal

New Delhi . Nepal is a sovereign state, but being a land locked country that is highly dependent on other countries for its sustainability, it has always struggled hard to maintain a balance between strong powers in its neighborhood. The landslide victory of PM Kadga Prasad Oli as the collated representative of NCP during the […]

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Development Paradox and Clash of Identities in Nepal : Dr. Geeta Kochhar

Dr. Geeta Kochhar . A Landlocked country Nepal has a total population of 26.5 million (approx) and is inhabited by people of Tibeto-Burmese, Aryan, and local Tribal population, which comprises of 126 ethnic groups and indigenous nationalities. It is said that apart from Nepali language, there are 122 languages spoken in Nepal. Hence, it is […]