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AfghanPeace Talks: Plan to Install Western-obedient Taliban in Kabul ! : Baburam Paudel

Sometimes time also plays a sharp sarcasm. The February agreement of US and Taliban and recent peace talks on Afghanistan in Doha of Qatar are the exact examples for that. About six months ago USA and Taliban signed an agreement, after the same, recently Afghan government-Taliban peace-talks were begun again in Doha. Talks be supposed […]

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India-Nepal Ties: Roti-Beti Sambandh or Weeping Daughter Relationship : Dr. Geeta Kochhar Jaiswal

Please click this   Dr. Geeta Kochhar Jaiswal. India-Nepal Ties are often referred by many scholars, Ministers, Foreign Secretaries, Ambassadors of both countries, including the Prime Ministers as ‘Roti-Beti Sambandh’, which relates to the cross-border marriages prevalent between the two countries. These ties are always given special significance in the cultural connections and development of […]

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International Painting Competition “United Against CORONA- Express Through Art”

PRESS RELEASE bY ICCR about International Painting CompetitionThe International Painting Competition launched by ICCR during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic has elicited an overwhelming response. The event was to encourage artistic expressions of all artists to present their emotions, feelings, ideas and innovative thoughts in the fight against COVD-19. 2. It is our […]

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Trump offers to ‘mediate or arbitrate’ between India and China border dispute

Washington, May 27: US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he was “ready, willing and able” to “mediate or arbitrate” the raging border dispute between India and China, amid the continuing standoff between the militaries of the two neighbours at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Trump previously offered to mediate between India and […]

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Nepal’s Stability At the Crossroad: Coronavirus Lessons from China’s Periphery : Geeta kochhar Jaiswal

Dr. GEETA KOCHHAR JAISWAL, New Delhi, 25 march,2020.  With Nepal facing the greater risk of Coronavirus, there is tension, panic and fear among its citizens. As a 19 year old girl returning from France is confirmed of carrying the virus, the government resorted to strict measures to stop all international flights, close borders with both […]