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Development of School’s Ecosystem stops migration : Badri Narayan Chaudhary

Manoj Banaita, Siraha, September 8 : Every year a large number of students migrate from Lahan to Biratnagar, Kathmandu and other cities of the country. The students want a different environment to materialize their dream. It doesn’t mean Lahan has no capable manpower. But the reality is that Lahan needs to develop school ecosystems. We will need to urgently transform our education system to meet the aspirational needs of the new generation.

With nearly a quarter of Lahan’s population being in the age of attending school and college, whether our demographic situation is an asset for our country or not depends on the quality of their learning.

Knowledge, skills and expertise are the key enablers for maintaining our economic growth momentum. The concept of lifelong learning will have to be embedded in the way we teach our youth.
Over the years, through various initiatives, educational institutions have been made accessible to all. Now, the next stage would be to ensure that students remain enrolled, and learn — so that they become empowered and productive citizens, who can be the key participants in nation-building and growth-linked economic development.

To achieve this, an enabling ecosystem will have to be developed which comprises school premises along with facilities that are inviting for students, teachers who have a passion for their chosen vocation, pedagogy that transitions from rote learning to conceptual methods that can keep both teachers and students engaged and engrossed — among others.

Having a good school building with spacious classrooms is not enough; it needs to be maintained so that students find it to be an inviting environment to which they look forward to coming every day to learn.

Students’ likes and dislikes for attending classes, or interests in a particular subject, can be linked to their teacher and his/her quality of teaching.

The challenge of improving quality of teaching by training teachers and supporting them with modern teaching aids, tools and methodologies — like smart classrooms and digital course content needs to be taken up, so that teachers take pride in their jobs. And it supports to make Our Lahan an educational hub.

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