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Samriddhi initiates google classes for the new academic year

Manoj Banaita, Siraha, 22 April : Several educational institutions in Kathmandu have switched to virtual classrooms amid the lockdown over rising novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases. For instance, Samriddhi School of Kathmandu has adopted e-learning for its students to compensate for days missed due to the lockdown. Samriddhi school located at Balaju, Kathmandu is using the […]

Madhesh Nepal

Two arrested with drugs in Siraha

Manoj Banaita, Siraha, April 21 : Police arrested two persons for the possession of controlled pharmaceutical drugs from rural municipality Bishnupur, Siraha. The arrested have been identified as Bam Shanker Yadav (28) and Govind Kumar Yadav (18), both residents of Siraha municipality – 15 and 16. A team of police deployed from Bishnupur Police Office […]

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N-PABSON Lahan donates Rs1 lakh to coronavirus relief fund

Manoj Banaita, Lahan, April 12 : The private schools’ organization, National Pabson donated the sum of one lakh six thousands and five hundred to corona virus relief fund created by Lahan municipality. The chairman of N-PABSON Lahan, Sudeep Chaudhary said, “The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best […]

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AB Mall of Siraha Slaps black market

Manoj Banaita, Siraha, April 12 : The only mall of Province -2, AB Mall started selling essentials to display a list of available items along with their prices in order to control black marketeering during the nationwide lockdown. Since the government announced a nationwide lockdown, many shops that sell daily essential items have remained closed, […]

Health & Education Top Stories

Samriddhi starts google classes for the students in Kathmandu

Manoj Banaita, Siraha, April 4 : A school in Kathmandu has started google classes for its students. Samriddhi school, located at Balaju, Kathmandu started an internet based classes for its students from nursery to grade 10. Students can’t leave their homes after Nepal went into a lockdown to constraint with the novel coronavirus outbreak. School’s […]