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Solidarity rally organized by Nepal Journalist Association R-2 Committee in Janakpurdham

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A united rally has been organized for press and expression freedom in Janakpurdham by Nepal Journalist Association Region 2 Committee. Beginning with Janaki Temple rally reached the railway station and then turned into a corner assembly.

While addressing the meeting organized at Railway Stations most of the speakers requested the government for being more seriousness of press freedom.

Nawal Yadav a member of the Press Council has alleged the government not to allow the workers to work independently.

The Vice President committee KC Lamichane while using the electrical business and the stream, condemned the government for initiating the arrest of the journalists by using the new electronics communications rules.

Senior journalist Ram Bharosh Kapadi warned the government not to arrest the journalists who wrote fair news on the basis of fact and he said that thousands of pens will be born on closing a pen that holds true facts.

Anil Mishra President of Nepal Journalist Association said that for the benefit of journalists we all should be united for further movement .

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