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Bumjan is public now

Sindhuli – Ram Bahadur Bumjan is public. He has been public in a program organized by Bodhi Shravan religion organization.

Even though it was said that he would be public for about three months before, but he was not public saying that the challenge of security. But he has been seen in the 14th Maha Maitree Day, World Peace Maha Maitre Puja. A few months ago he was accused by his followers with sexually abused women in the ashram.

“There is a possibility to show all the observations on Friday by the Guru and if there is no possibility to visit everyone on Friday then he may be available on saturday” Chhatra Ghising, central member of the Bodhi shraban Dharm Sangh said. – “The rituals have been rendering inMaitri bhasha and maitri lipi.”

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