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The New sight in Education with Some helpful points : Rekha Ray

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Rekha Ray, Jaleshwar. 20 July 2019 |Education is the process of learning of knowledge,skills,values, beliefs, and habits. But today’s education is not for these things. It is for only anyhow earning money. We have forgotten our moral values. There is a rapid degradation of moral values in our society for which a number of factors are responsible. Foremost of them is the lack of moral education. Moral education sets boundaries for all of us in dealing with others, our teachers or parents or anybody else.
While interacting with other human beings, we need to follow certain courtesy but the gradual erosion of moral values has to do with our lessons at home because we can’t be totally different from our parents whether biological or adopted.Whatever they teach us directly or indirectly, we have big impression on our character. Our school children are good or bad from character, it depend on the homely environment which is predominantly determined by the parents. If the parents are behaving in a civilized way means respecting elders and loving juniors,their wards will also follow. If parents will use rude conversation,their wards are sure to pick up filthy words. Actually we always listen to our parents,teachers,friends and relatives complaining to others. They are complaining to the government that they didn’t do anything for us. All are corrupted, immoral. The same time,no one would admit his/her parents or any other person who is same.
In Nepal, Nepali morality should be maintained but our students are adopting foreign morality which is differ from our culture. Teacher is teaching according to our society but by some NGO and INGO they are promoting to adopt it. Actually they don’t have any moral but they are teaching to our captain of the future. Education is the basic need of our society but we don’t need that type of education which tends to destroy our culture and moral . There should be a measurement in our education system for quality and morality but either government is out of reach or the work is done by the government indirectly. In this situation,the future of the country will not be good.
Some helpful points:-
1)The base of curriculum should be designed by ancient culture and modern science,
2)Curriculum must be for the parents too,
3)To maintain discipline and morality 50%practical education must be in education ,
4. To stop cheating and coping ,creativity (creative answer) should be increased from student life,
5. Each and every student should feel confident about the honesty of the examination system,
6. For students, the teacher should be an idol statue of morality. By Rekha Ray

Rekha Ray, Jaleshwar, Mahottary.

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