Hacked Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner, cheated in-display sensor


Samsung launched the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sassra, the most secure technique given when launching its latest smartphone Galaxy S10. The company said at the time that it would offer additional security, but now a security researcher has proved this claim of Samsung false. The researcher has fooled fingerprint scanning technology by creating a 3D-printed copy of the user’s hand and unlocked the Galaxy S10.

This researcher, named darkshark9 on online Discussion WebSite Reddit, reported how he kept the 3D printed fingerprint pattern on a transparent strip and pressed the strip above the Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor. Galaxy S 10 unlocked as soon as its position has been abrasive.

User’s data may be in danger

According to the report of forbes, the researcher has said that if you want to excel the data lying in your smartphone, then they can create your 3D copy of your fingerprint and access your data. At the same time, if your smartphone is stolen, then data related to your fingerprint is already saved in the phone, which can harm the high-profile person. In such a case, if someone steals your phone, it can access information not only on your personal data but also your bank account and even the fingerprint ID related information, so that this technique can be a threat to the user.


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