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Don’t discourage, if you can’t encourage others : Saumyaa Jha

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Someone has well said that the problem with the world is that everyone does not have brain, but everyone has tongue

Saumyaa Jha, Kathmandu: Chaitra 6,2076 was a very important day for all 4 lakh 82 thousand 2 hundred and 19 students of grade 10 because they were going to appear Secondary Education Examination( SEE), “The Iron Gate” . This exam is important as it opens the door for higher studies. That’s why SEE is a matter of prestige in our society.
Chaitra 5 was the day which was full of Best Of Luck messages for me. I was busy packing my admit card,pencil bag and English textbook in my bag but all of sudden everything changed. The news broke out that the SEE exam is postponed due to corona virus, a pandamic which has halted the world.
Literally I became blank,shocked and was irritated and totally upset with the decision of government . I could not believe for quite sometime but then thought this is chance for me to revise more and do the best. Maths practice began and revision was going on and then came Jestha 28,a day that snached dreams of many students,tears fell from the eyes of many students. It was announced that SEE is cancelled.
Not we students ever demanded government to cancel our exam. After that we came to know the results will be publised on the basis of internal evalution that will be done by school, this was the time from when people started judging us. One of my relative said,” Wow you guys got this golden opportunity”, other added,”Wow you guys will pass without even studying .”
That was not enough Bhadra 1, a day in which social media was full of trolls, memes, status and comments realted to SEE students. It was our result that day .We students were busy checking our results and people were busy trolling us in facebook. I got many phone calls, people congratulated me and wished me all the best for future but few people moked by hearing my marks and added “Haha I could have also got A++ in P.H.D.
Arjun Syangbo who passed SEE with A+ says that he had prepared his best for exam but is annoyed with people’s filthy comments. He further added that every SEE students had a dream to achieve A+ from the beginning of class 10 so they studied hard and the deserving students achieved it.
Likewise, Arpita Jha who got A+ says that people donot know the meaning of learning . 3 hours exam can not judge a studenr, she further added. Miken Thakur who also passed SEE with A+ says common people do not understand the meaning of education, so they comment. Kabita Dhami who also says that society is to comment, there are few people who appreciate you . Amisha Jha is also not happy with people’s comment . She says that it is not her fault . She had prepared her best but the situation became adverse due to corona.
Someone has well said that the problem with the world is that everyone does not have brain, but everyone has tongue.” I just wanted to make sure , can we call those people educated who tried to make fun of our marks and education. I mean for them just achieving degree is the real meaning of education. Do they not understand that students have given more than hundred exams during school life. Even in class 10 they have attended more than dozens of exam on the name of Boost up exams, Saturday Tests, class tests, oral tests, cent up and pre- cent up . Was that a time pass ? Most of the students stayed in school from 9am-5:30 pm, all the day with books and teachers, was that a joke,was that for entertainment?
I want people to understand that the education we received from Nursery to Grade 10 is not a joke. We gave our best, proved us evey single time so no one can say that the marks we got is for free . At the same time they should not blame the teachers and school though some schools have done wrong intentionally or unintentionally. But one should never forget the fact that no one can evaluate students better than their teachers who have seen them since a long time. The teachers know the level of students and many schools have proved it .

Finally, I want to request the so called educated lots not to spread negativity. Let students shine and if possible support them and if you can not encourage, you do not have right to discourage others.

Saumyaa jha, Kathmandu

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