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Disabled participation of women : Rekha Ray

  • Rekha Ray, Jaleshwar, Mahottary.

    Jaleshwar, Mahottary. Nepal has been ruled by the majority of men from the beginning. Male play a vital role in each sector. Even though there is equal importance of male and female to build the nation, females are kept aside in the development as well as a social matter.
    In each and every sector, male plays the main role and female are in an inferior position. The main cause of such vast differences is the lack of education in

women. In point of view of Tarai, females are regarded as a curse and
males are boon. They don’t like bearing female baby as they have to get her married and give dowry. So they take it as burden and give higher education to boys, more love to boys and the girl is kept within the four walls of home. This, no matter how talented they are they never get a chance to develop, create and make a decision.
Women are expected to clean, prepare food, and raise the kids. While the men work in an office, go into politics and run businesses. Today women can do everything men can if they want to. In our country, our Constitution has given the right but not in every sector. Physically woman is less than men but not mentally.
In our country some political parties reserves seats for women, and during elections, most political parties give a limited number of tickets to women candidates. Women’s political participation is fundamental to democracy and to the achievement of sustainable development and peace in any country, which calls for more female representation in Parliament. Female candidates are sometimes even given tickets according to their family background rather than merit. But in my opinion, it’s not good. Not only in politics, presentation of women should be in every sector. For eg. In the education sector, 50%DEO, 50%HM in higher secondary school and lower secondary and 75%HM in primary level. Same way in administration, police sector, health, social, economical each and every sector the presentation of women should be compulsory.
Nowadays we hear the word ”Gender equality ” but it is not in use. It’s only for saying. Female has got the reservation but they can’t be said for their role in decision making. There should be a boundary line in our Constitution that in every sector, the women who are most qualified for the post should get chance and government should ask the application for the post. Each party is giving a chance to illiterate women only for participation, not for decision making. Because of this, the future of our upcoming girls is in dark. It is the against of human rights, against of human law, social law. Female has forgotten their rights. If female is equal to male then participation should be also equal. When the presentation will be equal they will make the law and decision for women and make the women’s policy’s framework. Once framed, the regional body can take further steps in the implementation of those policies by setting up units to promote women in every sector.
So, women must raise their voices and exert pressure on leaders and responsible person to give more tickets to women to raise the participation of women in every sector n

  • Rekha Ray

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