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Complain against illegal fundraising lodged at the US Embassy in Nepal

03 July 2019, Kathmandu. Naya Shakti Student Union has lodged a complain at the United States Embassy in Kathmandu today 03rd July 2019 against Nepali origin American citizen Kiran Sitaula for raising funds illegally in the United States in the name of Nepali people and misappropriating it. The letter is also copied to the Government of Nepal – Office of the Prime Minister & Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs and Department of Immigration. The letter requests the US Embassy to hold the persons involved accountable as per US law, and the funds be returned to the donors or brought to the needy poor villages in earthquake hit areas of Nepal where many are still in the phase of recovery.

The letter mentions that Kiran Sitaula, currently an American politician and Vice-Mayor at Town of Indian Head in Maryland of USA, has been raising funds from American taxpayers in the name of Nepali people on various occasions and topics since a long time and have been embezzling the funds. In addition, he has not complied by the rules of the US in collecting the fund nor has he followed the law of the US and Nepal in sending a smaller percentage of total amount raised to Nepal for photographs and report purposes. Post-earthquake in 2015, Sitaula raised approximately $500,000 in the United States in the account of SEBS-North America, a non-profit organization founded by Kiran Sitaula in the US. According to the, only half the raised amount is mentioned on the website. And moreover, an amount of approximately $40,000 has been allocated for Nepal based political party Bibeksheel Nepali. Founder of the party Ujwal Thapa has accepted receiving the amount in a Nepali television interview.

Nepalese Law prohibits any political party from receiving funds from a foreign source or an NGO in Nepal. US law also prohibits a non-profit or individuals to raise funds from American taxpayers for a foreign political party. Embezzlement of funds raised for natural disaster hit poor people is a humanitarian crime. In this case Kiran Sitaula, SEBS-North America and Bibeksheel Nepali party have broken the laws in both countries. On 30th June 2019, Naya Shakti Student Union has also lodged a complaint for inquiry at the Election Commission of Nepal against Bibeksheel political party.

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