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China is confident of Modi’s return, Begins preparation for Xi Jinping-Modi informal meeting

April 30, 2019. Experts associated with Chinese officials and government think tank are telling their priority to Narendra Modi. The government-backed newspaper The Global Times has published an article of Research Fellow Lu Yang from the University of Xinhua in which Modi’s return was predicted. “It is no doubt that Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party will be the largest party in the Parliament. Modi’s political stance is leaving behind other candidates and the BJP’s financial and organization power is much more stronger than the Opposition.It is clear from this that Modi probably will get another chance. ”

Begins preparation for informal meeting between Xi Jinping-Modi

China’s communist leaders have made it clear that Narendra Modi is returning as prime minister after the Lok Sabha elections. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has recently announced that his government is preparing for the next ‘informal meeting’ between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Modi, which will be on the lines of a meeting in China’s Wuhan city last year. This time it is expected to be in any city of India. In the context of foreign policy, it is considered risky to indicate one year’s preparation at the time of election, because the possibility of returning to the power of the opposition leader after the election remains the same all the time.

However, China is taking the risk very carefully because he is confident of Modi’s return. Wang has made it clear during the election that Modi is getting a second chance after the election. Wuhan’s meeting between Prime Minister Modi and President Shei was very successful. Especially, the two leaders formed a joint scheme of strengthening and improving India-China relations with mutual trust. Wang says that after the Wuhan summit we saw improvement in all areas of cooperation.

Photo-Video of Modi’s promotion in Chinese media

Chinese television, newspaper and news portal are showing photos and videos of campaigning for Prime Minister Modi. These include the photo of showing the ink finger on April 23 after casting votes by Modi’s in Ahmedabad.

China does not want weak coalition government

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