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Barking fire: Blaze destroys grocery and hardware in Lahan

Manoj Banaita, Lahan, March 31 : Grocery and hardware shops were destroyed after a fire engulfed in a shop in Lahan municipality -5.

The chairperson of ward-5 Suleman Ansari said, “The blaze spread over four shops at 2:00 a.m”. The fire destroyed the grocery shop of Lakhan Sahani, Ram Chandra Gupta and Manoj Gupta. Similarly, the hardware of Lalbabu Das has also been destroyed. In the fire, brand new Apache bike of Ram Chandra Gupta has also got damaged.

In the blaze, 20 lakhs property damage report was made by DSP Sharat Kumar Thapa. The fire brigade along with police team worked to subdue the fire, which was extinguished after an hour. The cause is being investigated. There are no other reports of injuries.

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