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When INDIA will swim or sink with Narendra Modi in 2024.

 Kaala kapra, kaala Mann, nahi sahega Hindustan, ( The black cloth, along with the black heart, is an anathema for Hindustan), the stanzas churned out by Piyush Goel in Parliament today, aptly portrays the psyche of Hindustani in contemporary times. INDIA, from Kasmir to Kanyakumari, chorus ‘ Modi is INDIA, INDIA is Modi’.

INDIA is Modi, Modi is INDIA.

Vivekanand Jha Ranchi: The Parliamentary logjam continues uninterrupted even today, with both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha witnessing the pandemonium from opposition benches, disrupting the Parliamentary proceedings yet again- Rajya Sabha remained suspended till 12 p.m. and, as the trend suggests, it will remain suspended for the whole day. The opposition’s recalcitrance brought about by their irreversible demand for a discussion in House, was conceded by the treasury benches with all its magnanimity, yet, exhibiting the blatant sense of irreconcilability with the ethics and propriety of the House, the opposition, ever since the formation of so-called INDIA, has been going hammer and tongs to defame and undermine the Modi government the best way it can: to stubbornly refuse to allow the function of the Parliament on one pretext or the other: The instant pretext is the Manipur violence. Significantly, ever since the video of Manipur surfaced in the public domain, exhibited the dishonourable disgracing of modesty of two tribal women from Christian community, all hell appeared to have been let loose by the Opposition as if it has come to possess the elixir to defeat Modi. Small wonder then, the entire anti-Modi gangs of thugs, especially the Communists and left liberal seculars, are up in arms against Narendra Modi and his government to puncture the prospect of Modi’s return to power in 2024. Unequivocally then, the left secular liberals, in cahoots with Congress, had activated its international networking —which they had done often in the past, especially during CAA times–to globally expose Narendra Modi’s purported duplicity in terms of persecuting Muslims and Christians in India. No wonder, they would have even succeeded with their Goebbelsian propaganda had India remained trapped in its erstwhile days of hibernating Hindu Consciousness. However, with the very existential survival of Hindus being at stake, in contemporary India, the stratagem of the Opposition to divide Hindus by trumpeting the incidents in Manipur and other places, are unlikely to cut much ice with Hindus scattered across the nation.

The ingrained duplicity and hypocrisy of the Opposition parties is adequately palpable when, inspired by their characteristic selective choice of outrage, they are amplifying the incidents of Manipur to the maximum possible extent they can, yet the sloganeering of the members of the youth wing of Indian Muslim League, a partner of the Congress Party, in Kerala, where the inflammatory slogan against Hindus, ‘ We will hang you in front of the temple and burn you alive’, paradoxically failed to evoke even the passing reference, far less any constructive criticisms, from the Opposition, is the vindication of the collective mindset of today’s Opposition. Apparently, Hindus simply has ceased to matter for Opposition in Hindustan. Ironically, India remains the only country in the world where proliferating Kalidas’ are hell bent upon writing the obituary for their own community. These people, blissfully aware of discounting their very identity, are hand in globe with the foreign hostile power to test India apart. Unequivocally, the inherent contradiction of Hindu society, where a microscopic proportion of iconoclasts and apostates, like termites, have been eating into the vitality of Sanatan Civilization. Little wonder then, the imprimatur of Sanatan Civilization, which spread across South Asia, once upon a time, has tragically shrunk today, so much so, that eighty percent of Hindus living in India, face the hitherto unprecedented challenge to their raison d’etre and summum bonum.

Modi hai to sab mumkin hai.

Manipur crisis, which is sought to be blown out of proportion by the Opposition, has its chequered trajectory. Prior to independence, the indigenous Tribal, Meitei community was the majority in Manipur and other places in Manipur. However, with the dubious policy of Jawaharlal Nehru, in the wake of independence, had arbitrarily banned Hindu saints and seers to visit North- East, yet in all his wisdom, or rather in utter lack of it, had given the freedom of access to Christian missionaries in North East. This free access of Christian missionaries to Manipur and other North East area, menacingly disseminated the seeds of Christianity across the North East. Kuki, another purported ethnic group, owing allegiance to Christianity, having its extension in Bangladesh and other parts of North East, began consolidating in Manipur. Worse still, the infiltration of Rohingyas from Myanmar too chipped in. Thus the combined population of all the anti- Meitei community began assembling on the common platform. This adversely created a big tussle between the minority Meitei of indigenous tribals, and Kuki, overwhelmingly dominated by Christians. Thus the fight that ensured, resulted in the eviction of Meitei people from the higher altitude. Moreover, the Kuki, in the wake of evicting Meitei from the higher altitude, began cultivating opium, which was sold in the region of Punjab and other parts of India. With Manmohan- Sonia’s regime intervening in the dispute, contributed towards pacifying the Meiti community, yet allowing the uninterrupted cultivation of opium in the higher altitude of Manipur.

With the arrival of Narendra Modi in Delhi Durbar in 2014, the situation took a definitive turn towards the better: The Modi government ordered Biren Singh to go ahead: destruction of Opium Cultivation was the topmost priority. Significantly, the opium worth rupees 1, 500 crore stood destroyed. This has caused a sense of revulsion in Kuki and many of other stakeholders. No wonder, the Opposition suddenly sensed its chances in this ongoing anarchy brought about by the rioting and an internecine fight between Meitei and Kuki. The video of the two women from Kuki being paraded naked, added fuel to the fire. The entire opposition now cushioned in their make- believe world of being a part of their so- called INDIA, serendipitously stumbled upon an illusive elixir to remove Modl from power. And, the consequence is for all to see: The Parliamentary logjam, the broaching of this issue in an European Parliament, anti- Modi propaganda machinery being lubricated to the hilt. The moribund Opposition, almost in the stage of coma, suddenly appears to have developed springs in their legs. Also, with the rising ambitions of the decaying Congress Party, with the victory in Karnataka assembly election, has begun sending its resurrection’ across the nation, capturing Delhi in the process.

Hindus, the pioneer Civilisation on earth, are the only nationless people in the world. Hindus, the victims of the humongous perfidy of their own forefathers, had ended up depriving their own progenies from their land of birth by making India a no- man’s land. Regretfully, the Constitution makers, in their blatant ignorance brought about by their obsequious submission to the British coloniality, drafted the Constitution in such a flawed way that the geometrical progression of Muslim population, as per the theory of Malthus, never occurred to them. They never remotely construed that, the population of Muslims, as and when it increased to 40 percent of Hindus, what will be the fate of Hindus when the history of Islam conveyed the violence and bloodshed all around. They even had the precedents for the same: The great Calcutta killing of 16th August of 1946, followed by the bloodied partition, yet they remained blindfolded to strategically safeguard the interest of Hindus in the land of Hindustan. The blunt refusal of the exchange of population, as suggested by Sardar Patel, was the final nail in the coffin of the collective dream of Hindus for their separate nation. However, thankfully, divinity had intervened in the destiny of Bharatvarsha, with the blessings of Maha Avatar Babajee, the entry of Narendra Modi in Delhi Durbar is the blessings in disguise for Hindus. It is Modi –and Modi alone, who is born as the Saviour of Sanatanis from the demonic clutches of anti- India forces from all around. The unflinching stand of Narendra Modi, ever since CAA, is the testimony for his credentials to uphold the collective interest of Hindus in the increasingly shrinking strategic space for Hindus. No wonder, notwithstanding all the hullabaloo of Opposition against Narendra Modi, Hindus are irreconcilably reconciled to swim or sink with Modi in the upcoming 2024 general election. It is the chorus of INDIA, ‘ Modi hai to sab mumkin hai’.

Vivekanand Jha, author of Delhi Beckons: RaGa for NaMo, 56 Inches and The Making of Narendra Modi, Unmaking of Jawaharlal.

Vivekanand Jha is an author of Narendra Damodardas Modi: No More Apologist, to be released by the end of July, 2023.
He is the renowned Author, Academician and a Public Intellectual..

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