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When history re-unites Narendra Modi and Prithviraj Chauhan

 When the latest episode of Seema Haider’s petition to the President of India, is the vindication of new enactment of the chapter of history which transpired way back before 1,191 when Prithviraj Chauhan, the then ruler of Delhi, had given asylum to Mir Hasan.

When history re-unites Narendra Modi and Prithviraj Chauhan

Vivekanand Jha, Ranchi: Mir Hasan, the brother of Mohammad Ghori, was carried away by emotion for the state dancer in the harem of Mohammad Ghori. Unequivocally, there was an implicit injunction: The state dancers in the harem of Badshah, had no provision for a personal life. Here, it becomes incumbent to quote a striking similarity in the ancient times, as Acharya Chatursen, indubitably a great writer, had spectacularly portrayed the life of the state dancer Amrapali, in his famous book Vaishali ki Nagar Vadhu, wherein the tragic life of Amrapali had been depicted with evocation. Vaishali ki Nagar Vadhu, along with Siddhartha of Hermann Hesse, hitherto constituted the best books I have ever read. Subsequent, when Vaishali ki Nagar Vadhu was scripted in the movie, the famous song of Lata Mangeshkar, ‘ Dil Pankshi ban ur jata hai, ham khoye, khoye rahte hain’, allegorically strives to capture the theme of the time; the upsurge of feelings streaming through the heart of Amrapali for her lover Ajat Satru, the autocrat king who bore the stigma of killing his own father, Bimbisara. But then, Amrapali, despite being the designated ‘ Daughter-in law of Vaishali’, even though prevented from cultivating her personal family, nonetheless had developed personal emotions for Ajar Satru, which, despite meeting with cul-de-sac, finally attained salvation at the lotus feet of Buddha.

Significantly, the avowed purpose of portraying the life of Amrapali, is to show the benignancy of Hindu way of life, despite there being certain unsavoury aspects and dimensions attached to it: Amrapali’s rebellion, much like Vasavdatta later, did not bring the draconian repercussions as that of the dancer in the harem of Mohammad Ghori, for the singular reason: Islam is based on violence since its genesis, whereas Sanatan Dharma has been immaculately tethered in peace. Now, Mir Hasan and the dancer, in their collective quest to aspire for a peaceful life together, found solace only with the generosity personified, Prithviraj Chauhan, the then valiant ruler of Indraprastha, the incumbent Delhi, especially when their heart-felt request for an asylum was turned down by all the rulers they approached then. Small wonder then, when the emissary was sent to the Indraprastha by Ghori, Aibak, who later became the ruler of Indraprastha, had communicated the message of Ghori to Pritviraj, ‘ O valiant king, we have no personal enmity with you, neither do we crave for one; however, we seek the extradition of Mir Hasan and his lover forthwith to avoid any future confrontation with you’. Prithviraj, brave and audacious as he was, outright refused to concede to the demand of Ghori and replied in the terse manner that, notwithstanding any consequences, he would not extradite Mir Hasan and his lover.


The stubborn attitude of Prithviraj Chauhan, as history corroborates, resulted in the deadly war in Terrain in 1,191. Regrettably, when Mohammad Ghori was seriously injured, Mir Hasan had urged Prithviraj to chase and liquidate him. ‘ Rajan, kill this snake or else, he will prove to be a bigger nemesis’. But then, Prithviraj failing to draw the befitting lesson from Bhagavad Gita, had despicably taken the plea, ‘ Our scriptures prohibit the chase of fleeing enemies from the battlefield’. Ghori was allowed to escape, we all know the degree of vengeance he unleashed the very next year: Prithviraj was defeated, he was blinded and taken to Afghanistan. Worse still, his defeat triggered the beginning of Muslim invasions in India –all the Muslims we have today, who are swearing by Sharia, were sought to be converted into Islam through the power of swordsmanship over millennium of Muslim invasions. In other words, the blunder of Prithviraj resulted in the subjugation of Hindus over a millennium. Alas, Prithviraj would have heeded to the wise counsel of Mir Hasan! With the benefits of hindsight, there never was any king or Badshah in the history who risked his own destruction for the sake of providing an asylum to an enemy’s brother. But Prithviraj, despite being valiant, was no Chhatrapati Shivaji –how that rouge Irfan Habit had so distastefully and maliciously depicted the great Chhatrapati Shivaji as the ‘ Mountain rat’, speaks a volume about how the complicity of Communists and left liberal seculars had sought to upend our history; showing our great forefathers in poor light.

The arrival of Seema Haider to Noida from Pakistan via Nepal, for uniting with her lover Sachin, arouse deep suspicion in the minds of Indians. Especially when being a mother of four children, she had abandoned her husband and came rushing to meet her lover, had all the ingredients of a potboiler. However, the detailed investigation by several agencies, finally had given her the clean chit of being a Pakistani spy planted in India for a recce or surveillance. Incidentally, as is the characteristics of Pakistanis, the Islamists began attacking Hindus and temples there. The complicity of the terrorist state was widely palpable when a temple was attacked with a rocket launcher. Significantly, Indian government, after its thorough investigation, has decided to deport her. Little wonder then, Seema Haider, apprehensive of her being roasted alive in Pakistan, has already made her intentions clear: If she was deported, she would rather commit suicide than being sent to the wolves awaiting to make a funeral of hers. Now, a petition is being lodged with the President Draupadi Murmu to grant her an asylum, lest her deportation to Pakistan ran the severe risk of being hacked to death. While President will be weighing the pros and cons of this petition, the gravity of the issue is threatening once again to escalate into another major confrontation with Pakistan, for Pakistan, in the conversion of Seema Haider into a Hindu woman, feels inordinately slighted and humiliated. Unequivocally then, for Pakistan, the episode of Seema Haider is no less humiliation than the carving out of Bangladesh from Pakistan.

History today has remarkably united Narendra Modi with that of Prithviraj Chauhan, in view of Seema Haider’s episode which is destined to escalate into another major crisis between the two warring nations. This episode also puts the left liberal seculars and Communists in the witness box: Will they approve of Seema Haider being deported, or will voice their support for Seema Haider’s stay back in India? The left liberal seculars and die hard Communists have a visceral hatred for anything even remotely connected with Hinduism. Just like stray dogs, they begin barking at anything palatable about Hinduism. Seema Haider episode comes to them as a slap in their faces when the triumph of Hinduism is very much ostensible in this whole episode. Meanwhile, as the President will consider the nuts and bolts of the gravity of issues pertaining to this, the fact cannot be glossed over is this: The history in a remarkable coincidence, had sought to unite Prithviraj Chauhan and Narendra Modi on the similar issue which appears as much catastrophic today as it was in the twelve century. By all parameters, the benignancy as Prithviraj had shown, is likely to be followed by Narendra Modi, too, especially when India had granted asylum to Taslima Nasreen when Islamic fundamentalists were seeking to tear her apart after her book Lajja. All this human values India continues to cherish because Hindus are in majority; all the voice of so- called liberalism which is dubiously sought to be championed by the left liberal seculars, continues because Hindus are in majority. The day the demographic usurpation happens, everything will change in minutes: Islamists agenda of Sharia will take over, which has no space for any dissension from that of the doctrinaire belief of Sharia.

Vivekanand Jha is an author of an upcoming global book Narendra Damodardas Modi: No More Apologist.
He is an author, academician and a Public Intellectual.

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