State Minister, Mandal, distributes ambulance in Kalyanpur

Manoja Banaita, Siraha, 7th September : The state Minister of Province No. 2, Suresh Mandal has provided ambulance to the rural area of Kalyanpur municipality, Siraha.

“There are nearly 70,000 people, living in the rural area of kalyanpur but unfortunately, there is not a single ambulance. Due to the lack of ambulance, the rural people are facing problems for a vista of years. So, I tried to lessen their difficulties.” minister Mandal said to The Himalini.

The ambulance has been handed to the branch of Nepal Red Cross Kalyanpur. It is hoped that the problems facing by the poor farmers will be minimized with the help of this full equipped ambulance. Ambulance has been distributed to the local levels aiming to run health care services and safety, and anti-disaster campaign in the area of Kalyanpur municipality . It is said that Rs 18 lakhs was allocated to procure the ambulance. The minister thanked to the officials, administration, Nepal police, The Red Cross and the locals for salutable support.

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