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Police harassing women and children’s of village by intruding at their residence in middle of night.

M.M.Tiwari (Sipu ),Birgunj 13 April 2019 | Parsa Police has started harassing innocent citizens. Police is misusing their power and threating locals to file a legal case if anyone raises a voice against their ill doings. Gone were the days when superintendent of police S.P. Rewati Dhakal was referred as hero and people used to compare him with honest officers like Kharel and Singham (Bollywood movie character who is an honest policeman and does his duty with due diligence). When Rewati Dhakal took charge, in initial days he was executing his duty very sincerely and honestly. He used his discretion in setting the charges with proper facts and figures.  Public started admiring the tenacity of his assessment. He earned deep respect as in initial days, citizens don’t have to plead and beg for filling a case.  But as it usually happens, when you are surrounded by certain group of people, they influence and manipulate your decisions. Something similar has happened with S.P. Rewati Dhakal at this moment.
Agony and pain increased as around 2 in midnight; a van full of police covers home of complainer.
Police personnel started hitting badly on doors. They even climbed on walls of the house. House in which two children and two women were staying. Women and children of the home started crying and seeking for help. At first glance they thought somebody is trying to do Burglary. Than on other hand it gave impression that are these policemen has come to do encounter because complain was made against them?
This is the incidence which took place at Parsa KalikaMai Village municipality committee-5. Around 8PM two brothers were fighting for some unknown reason. Neighbors got disturbed and tried their level best to resolve their issue among brothers with harmony and peace. Soon, neighbors realized that its beyond their control and reached at nearest police station which is just after 5 small houses. It was shocking to see that whole police station was occupied with only one police officer. Also, this incidence took place so close to police station and no one from police station bother to take charge or resolve the issue. Disappointed with Police, villagers went to Local leader and complained about police mismanagement and ill-functioning.
Such behavior of police is unacceptable and raises huge concern on national security and citizen’s charter.

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