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Life is a bucket, full of problem…! : Nageena Jha

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Never forget me

Life may be your long & sweet
And world of your’s be short & sweet
There you find some lovely one
But donot forget me, a crazy one !!

You feel throne pierce your feet
May it be your bad dream
You say you forget my name
May you never play this game !!

Fortune & joy for you brings each day
In the corner of your heart let me lay
May you find everything in your way
I find many true friends do not say !!

May you have to face rock
But wish, may it be very soft
When you go far from me
Plz don’t dare to forget me !!

Life is a bucket, full of problem
Say! friendship is key of solution
My heart beats only for my love
Say ! you always love only me .

Having many friends is odd
Believe in only one in thee
For the sake of only God
Say! you Never Forget Me .

Nageena Jha

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