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Imprisoned for 24 years in China How do Panchen Lama look ?

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In 1995 when China took the second most important person of Tibetan Buddhism religion in its possession at the age of sixteen, then it was said to be the youngest political prisoner in the world. Twenty years later they have not been seen. And it raises a difficult question about this religion.

Why were they arrested ?

Tibetan Buddhists believe in reincarnation (incarnation) When Panchen Lama, the second most important person of Tibetan Buddhism died in suspicious circumstances in 1989 (some people believe that the Chinese government had poisoned them) their incarnation was expressed soon.

On May 14 1995 the Dalai Lama chief of Tibetan Buddhism announced the identification of Ann Panchen Lama. Six-year-old Gejhun Chokey Nyiyma was declared the incarnation of Panchen Lama. He was the son of a doctor and nurse from Nakshu city of Tibet.

The Chinese administration hoped that Panchen Lama would be identified without the intervention of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama had left Tibet in 1959 and came to India and formed the exiled government of Tibet.

The Chinese government excluded Nyima and her family from the scene and asked Buddhist religious leaders who were influenced by the Chinese government to identify such a Panchen Lama who went on the directions of China.

What happened next?
On May 17 1995 China took control of them and since then they were kept away from the public eye. Once an official told to the South China Morning Post that they are living in Ganzhou of northern China. There is also a theory that they are either kept in or around Beijing.

In October 2000 the then British Foreign Minister Robin Cooke told the Select Committee of Parliament, “Every time we raised the question of Gezhun Chokeyyyyyma … the Chinese government gave us the assurance that their health is good and he is under good care And their families do not want international intervention. ”

“In the last week’s meeting, they showed us two photographs and told us that they are Gezhun Chokeyi Nyima, in two photographs he was seen inside the house. Our demand was that we go by ourselves to confirm it but this main demand was not accepted.”

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