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if everyone wants peace, why there is no peace? : Saumyaa Jha

Talk not, practice for peace

Saumyaa Jha, Kathmandu. Though people don’t like yet the most used headlines in television, newspaper, radio or online portal is war these days . Be it US-China, India-China, Israel-Palestine, India-Pakistan or Middle East conflict, they are the headlines of every news bulletin. No country in world that is not facing war these days though everyone talks about peace.
The question is – if everyone wants peace, why there is no peace? Perhaps the word peace is not properly understood by people. Defining peace is easy but implementing the definition is a tough task. Karen Emma Kim, the Peace educator of HWPL, South Korea says that peace means existence of love, care, forgiveness, help without compensation, respect and feeling of equality. She further says that peace can be achieved by respecting other’s existence.
The world is really a wonderful place, it is full of differences yet there is something common . we all wish for, that is none other than peace . Ask anyone what he or she wants : Peace or War, the answer will be peace . But unfortunately some political, financial and religious extremist on the attire of leader have turned this beautiful world into battle field . Though everyone aspire for peace everywhere there is war and everyday there is a big loss for humanity.
Have you ever thought about elephant’s dung . Definitely you never have . You may say elephant is an important creature but its dung ? You contempt, you say fie fie…elephant’s dung ! This is the common mistake we do. Elephant is important but its dung is equally important. Experts say one elephant’s dung can produce 240,000 sheets of paper which can save about hundreds of trees.
Not only living beings even non living things are equally important . A song is mixture of lyric and different types of musical instruments. When these instrument work in harmony its creats an amazing tune.
Our kitchen is the another good example of respecting everyone’s existence . The proper blend of spices makes the vegetable tasty . Mutual cooperation among the spices creates taste. Peace is also the same, when everyone’s existence is respected it creates harmony in home, society, nation or world .
In this world, there are many organizations working for the establishment of peace but peace has become a mirage. Every where there is war and the main reason for this war is whether organizations or people, all wants to change other but what needed is to change ownself . Once this change takes place , the world will be a nice place to live .
We are human being, God has blessed us with wisdom, let’s use our wisdom for the transformation of world . And finally, the young lots, which is the future, can play important role in spreading peace education . Let we all become the messenger of peace. Let’s learn to give up anger, greed, jealously and hatred .Let’s dream for a peaceful world from today because If you can dream it, You can do it.”

Saumyaa jha, Kathmandu

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