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US Ambassador Barrie’s communicating program opposed in house

Kathmandu, 22 may. Senior leader of the ruling Nepa Communist Party and former prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has expressed dissatisfaction on the matter that US Ambassador Randy Berry begins dialogue with the people.

The leader Nepal said that such type of dialogue is not in practice on international level.
He suggested to the Ambassador not to do this because this will show failure of the diplomatic dignity. He was Answering the question that the journalists kept on the Federal Parliament campus on Wednesday, he said that adoption of diplomatic dignity should be done by big countries. Senior leaders, Nepal said that the countries who would teach the lesson of diplomatic dignity should follow it. He was indicating Americans.

Another leader of the ruling ruling NCP Bhim Rawal also said that the activities of the US Ambassador Barrie communicating with the Nepali people should be stopped. He claimed that the law of diplomacy, the dignity of the country, should not be allowed to conduct dialogue programs.

The opposition party Nepali Congress MP Rajendra Kumar KC also made clear that the US Ambassador Barrie should not do any program without any government permission. Similarly the MP of Rashtriy Janta Party, Nepal Laxman Lal karn also said that the government should not allow to conduct dialogue program,

The US Ambassador had publicly announced the plans to communicate with the Nepali citizen and the community directly with a video message. Varyley has posted videos saying “Dialog with Ambassador” on Facebook and Twitter only on Monday. The US Embassy on social network Face book have 40 million followers.


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