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RAJAPA Nepal Marks Asoj – 3 as “Black Day”

Manoj Banaita, Siraha, September 17 : Madhesis in Nepal Ashoj 3 as “Black Day” in Nepal’s history. Madhes observes Black Day; not the Constitution Day in Asoj 3.
Although the government is observing the constitution day in Asoj 3. RaJaPa Nepal has
decided to observe “The Black Day” on the same date.

A state minister of province 2, Mr. Suresh Mandal said, ” we are organizing peaceful
protests in all the districts of Terai-Madhes.

Ongoing resistance over the Constitution of Nepal has already proved that the new statute is contradictory and discriminatory both in process and contents. This has failed to meet the long-awaited aspiration for the freedom of Madhesi and other marginalized communities from the state oppression. It has insulted the sacrifices of martyrs and essence of the
democratic movements and the Madhes movements meant for autonomy, equality and social justice.
On the Constitution Promulgation Day, security forces brutally killed many Madheshes.
On the occasion, some parts of the country celebrated Dipawali while Madhes observed the blackout to mourn the death
of its people.
The promulgation process of this constitution itself marks a kind of regression in Nepali politics. Madhes-centered political parties had been showing their resistance over the

The constitution must be amended in such a manner that meets the aspirations of discontented communities to ensure
social justice for # long-lasting peace in Madhes and Nepal. It is misinterpretation to perceive that the Madhesi
society has accepted the constitution after Madhes-based parties took part in the local body polls without the amendment of the constitution.

  • The Constitution Day in Nepal will always remain to be the Black Day for Madhesis until the meaningful amendment of the
    constitution addresses their dissatisfaction.

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