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Mujhe Bhi Ye Duniya Dekhni  Hai”  Film  screening in China 

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Our Delhi Bureau Chief, Senior Journalist S.S.Dogra in conversation with National Record Filmmaker Satya Prakash Mangtani in a Press Conference held in Mumbai. Excerpts:
SSD:  How your film “Mujhe Bhi Ye Duniya Dekhni  Hai” has done so far?
SPM: My film “Mujhe Bhi Ye Duniya Dekhni  Hai” successfully released in  Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jharkhand  & Uttrakhand  and did a great collection of  more than Rs.1.65 Crore. Being the first modest budget  feature film of 2018 now attracting the  overseas distributors.
SSD: Have you got any offer from abroad?
SPM: Yes, I am glad to share with you that Haresh Sangani of Trupti Entertainment is arranging the release of this film in China in the month of March.  Trupti Entertainment has made special arrangement  to release in this film in 500 screens in China. With this development, some more countries are also approaching us.
SSD: Any future Plan for this film?
SPM: Yes, we are planning to submit it for the prestigious OSCAR AWARDS also.
SSD:Who are the leading actors in your film? Whether they justified their roles?
SPM:The Bollywood legend like Mukesh Khanna ji & Jay Shri T, Viju Khote, Shailesh Pitambre  acted excellently in this film.  Baby Muskan from Amritsar, Mrunalini- actors also acted nicely and justified their roles.
SSD:What is special stuff in your film:
SPM:There are some very emotional scenes &  dialogue  are very touching and even people could not stop their tears while watching this movie.
SSD:What is your opinion about the content of your film?
SPM:I have never ever chase the big stars, I prefer to make good films with good content and   with new  stars.  Because  I firmly  believe that Content is the King.
SSD: Why you are taking your film screening in China?
SPM:   Female Foeticide is a burning &  alarming issue of  India & China.  There is a big question on male-female ratio. According to a Survey  conducted by Simon Denyar & Anie Gopen, in which its stated that  India has 943 females as against 1000 males and the figure in China is 48 females as compared to 52 males. This report was published in Washington Post.
Its  another surprising survey conducted  by World Bank in 2011 which shows that   there are 939 females as compared to 1000 males.  Even in China there is a population of 140 Crores out of this total population,  3.40 Crores males could not marry . That’s  why this is very sensitive issue of both the countries and my film gives a clear cut message that we should  not support Female Foeticide  if we are real serious to save our beautiful earth.
Actually, China is also suffering the same problem which India  facing the  Male-Female ratio.  And, I am hundred percent sure that  my film will certainly convey  a good message among the Chinese and will bring good result in their society and generate handsome business too from China.
SSD:Any  latest achievement of this film?
SPM: Yes, recently, our production Genuine Entertainment Corp. received  an international award from IBC, America for this film. And we have also received an appreciation letter from Maharashtra Government.


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