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Ghosts: A part of Metaphysics : Bhabya Jha

Ghosts: A part of Metaphysics

There are people around the world who still believe beyond science.          These beliefs are usually abstract theories with no basis in reality.Some people belive in fortune and misfortune.  Likewise, some people belive in supernatural and paranormal activities.These all are facts to wonder and wondering beyond science is something that I treasure.

Believing something attributed to some force beyond the scientific understanding or the laws of nature is heroic. Paranormality is really very interesting. It relates to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation as psychokinesis, extrasensory  perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena . I am very keen to this subject. Since, a small age my interests towards these started growing when the old guys around me discussed about the facts. Speaking the fact, somewhere I always wanted to be a ghost hunter or something like that. Various people have various perceptions but I am likely to believe it because its not just limited to an area, territory or a country or even a continent but the whole world believes it. Different researches are still going on, different people from different parts of the world have given their perceptions upon it, various books are written on this topic and vivid shows are based upon it. Especially, the interests of people grow upon evil supernatural powers. Different religions have kept their views on it. They have warned about the evilness of the wicked spirits and also given the ways to get rid of it. They believe that when the soul gets separated from the body without being satisfied, they wander around seeking satisfaction. They say that soul can never be destroyed which somewhat also relates to the principle of energy stated by science that says, “Energy neither can be created nor destroyed but can transform from one form to another.”

Coming to the point, various religions from various parts of the world have suggested about evil supernatural powers: ghosts. According to them, ghosts are super powerful, if they want something, they do everything possible to get it. The most common thing done by them is possession of body. They make a human or place possessed and stay in it. In order to tackle with the evil souls, various religions have advised their ways which is popular known as EXORCISM. It is regarded to be the expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposed evil spirit from a person. Popular religions contain the facts an exorcism in their holy books. Let’s begin with Hinduism. The main puranic resource or ghost and death – related information is ‘Garud Puran’. A complete description of birth and death and also about the human soul are explained in ‘Katu Upnishad’, a part of ‘Yajurveda’.

If Narsimha God is base for exorcism for Vaishnavs and Hanuman is for Shaivs . It is believed that just uttering the name of Lord hanuman makes that evil forces tremble in fear. Likewise, tantriks, pandits and jhakris are supposed to be the exorcists. In Christianity, exorcism is performed by exorcists who use religious materials such as set of formulae, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, etc. The exorcists often invokes God, Jesus and several angels or archangels to intervene with exorcism. Similarly, Islamic exorcisms contain of the treated person lying down, while a Sheikh places a hand on a patient head while reciting verses from the Quran. In some cases, the ADHAN is also read, as this has effect of repelling jinnat.

Within the scientific community, psychiatrist Mr. Scott Peck who himself is a believer of exorcism, generated significant debate and discussion.Much was made of his associations with the controversial Malachi Martin a Roman catholic priest . Demonic possession is not a psychiatric or medical diagnosis recognized by either the DSM-5 or ICD-10.  Those who profess a belief in demonis possession have sometimes ascribed to the possession the symptoms associated with physical or mental illness.

Again there are several facts relating ghosts which are proved alternatively by branches of Science. A feeling of being looked, followed, choking several times, difficulty in breathing, listening strange sounds might be the cause of monoxide slow release or even ultrasonic sounds released by different animals. So next time when you see a disappearing white creature at night might be your illusion. Or even a witch, what say? Hahahaha!!!

Bhabya Jha ( Green Lawns Academy )



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