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Why will this Diwali have a place in history.

This Diwali ushers in the heralding of India’s ascendancy as the Vishwa Guru–with Rishi Sunak being looked upon as the troubleshooter prime minister of Britain, Indians could seldom have expected anything more on this Diwali.

Vivekanand Jha Ranchi: With the resumption in bursting of crackers after the interregnum of two years–2020 and 2021–the Diwali celebration with a wholesome gusto is yet to pick up its momentum. Suddenly my mind delves deeper into the news of Rishi Sunak ascending the throne of prime minister of Britain, the crown full of thorns, warranting a meteoric performance akin to producing Alladin’s wand and, that too, without enjoying any honeymoon period. Significantly, where Rishi Sunak had exhibited the confidence of fixing the ailing economy, which his past performance as the Chancellor under Boris Johnson, where he won the trust and confidence of Britons, bears a living testimony of his financial acumen, yet the British economy is staring at vacuity, with the insurmountable conundrum of Brexit warranting the display of financial expertise of highest calibre, the assurance proffered by Rishi Sunak to bail out Britain from its impending economic crises, unequivocally appears premature at this stage. Nonetheless, Tory MP’s –almost to the tune of 150 have extended their support to Rishi Sunat to lead the crises ridden Conservative government today —is the vindication of the degree and magnitude of trust which the British leaders are reposing in an Indian migrated leader to show them the light which extricates the nation from the dark tunnel it finds itself into. Moreover, Rishi Sunak is considered to be the beacon of last hope and harbinger of a new dawn, for the badly bruised and traumatised Britain today, smacks of the stupendous rise of Indian talent across the world.

With the benefits of hindsight, the ascendancy of an Indian, the sub-standard class, from the vanquished race, as the head of one of the most sophisticated nation on earth, which, not too in the distant past, was equated with barbarians and feudalistic class, perpetually trapped in the practices of superstition and obscurantism, is ought to make the top British rulers and aristocrats thump their chest, not in joyous celebration, but in mourning the degeneration of their superior race, so much so that it is now being ruled by the person from an enslaved race, in sheer paucity to find anyone from the white supremacists to govern their own nation. Robert Clive, the founder of British Empire in India, whose glorious rise from a menial worker into the founder of British Raj, condescendingly dubbed Indians as degraded minds only deserving to be throttled with force and coercion. Macaulay, whose idea about India was that of a country of uncivil people needed to be civilised at the altar of introduction of anglicised teaching, would be fretting and fidgeting at this adverse turn of events where his own English people so overwhelmingly bank upon an Indian to pull them out of their predicament, would bristle, ‘ Alas, I had never institutionalised English in India, if I had the slightest of an inkling that, the slaves and obscurantists would one day rise to preside over the destiny of our people! Oh, why on earth could I be such a naive enough to think of educating the illiterates lot. Better I had left them to their own fate, with Sanskrit and Urdu’. Winston Churchill, the racist of worst order, notwithstanding his outstanding qualities as a leader, who dubbed Indian leaders as bootleggers and scoundrels, would ruefully mourn, ‘ Oh, my god, where on the earth i failed to envisage the gory scenario of lesser class people dominating the politics of our superior class of Britishers? Indeed it is a mighty shame for us to be ruled by the people we subjugated for centuries’.

Indeed there could hardly be any Diwali with such a great message attached to it: The rise of Indians as the role models at the global level. With such men like Sunder Pichai, the Google CEO, having already carved out a special niche as the corporate leader, the latest budge of Rishi Sunak ascending to the highest political position of Britain, is the vindication of India coming of age; the level of intellectual maturity, the object for the global derision and mockery —recall, how decades back, Indians were undermined as the bus drivers and conductors in Britain, Australia and USA. And see the remarkable turnaround: The same class of bus drivers and conductors have now risen to provide leadership to the much vaunted white aristocracy. Moreover, the rise of Indian leadership in Britain, might be the precursor for the Indians in America to draw inspiration from the rise of Rishi Sunak to lead America too, in the coming decades. Unequivocally, the rise of Rishi Sunak as the Prime Minister of Britain, is the vindication of the prophesy of Swami Vivekananda, that Sanatan Dharma will rule the world in a century to come. The Indian talent maturing at the altar of the strength of character, sooner than later, will be the most sought after brain, for the glorious saga of the priceless heritage of this nation, based on its spiritual treasure, is destined to re-define the world order in twenty first century. No wonder, the meteroic rise of India as the glorious civilisation which produces the intellectuals of highest order, is all set to inject a dread in the heart of dictators like Jinping whose nefarious design on India is bound to be nipped in bud in the upcoming years. All said and done, as I hear the scale of brushing of crackers going up, I intuitively sense that the prophesies of Swami Vivekananda and Nastra Damus are about to materialise: Indians are dominating everywhere around the globe with their unmatched intellect and unparalleled wisdom. And, this Dipawali of 2022 is the living witness for the upcoming global leadership of India to emerge from everywhere across the globe.

Vivekanand Jha, author of Delhi Beckons: RaGa for NaMo, 56 Inches and The Making of Narendra Modi, Unmaking of Jawaharlal.

Vivekanand Jha, an Author, Academician and a Public Intellectual.

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