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Were they farmers or the Khalistani terrorists that  took siege of Red Fort on 26th January, 2021?

Vivekanand Jha, Ranchi: Perhaps what could have been the re-enactment of Capitol Hill in its far more degraded form, the terrorists masqueraded as farmers openly extended a daunting challenge to the Indian state, desecrating the Red Fort, dishonouring the national flag, blowing into the smithereens the last vestiges of democratic civility.
Worse still, the farmers did not stop at this: in fact, taking the fullest advantages of government’s under deployment of forces and its reluctance to inflict physical damages to its own farmers, the terrorists, in the garb of farmers, were making capital out of state’s leniency and procrastination, went marauding to the extent of dishonouring the tri-colour by replacing it with their own religious flag. Significantly, while all this hooliganisms were carried on such an auspicious day when Constitutionalism was commemorated, vindicates a larger game plan: the conspiracy was to not only to undermine Indian nation, but to reinforce the message that the Khalistani movement is actually being resurrected in the garb of this farmers movement.
No wonder the malicious slogan ‘ Raj Karega Khalsa’ was increasingly heard in the pandemonium, was the vindication that how the subterranean efforts was underway to give fillip to the urge and aspiration of the moribund movement of Khalistan, which was gasping for its breath before the farmers movement had actually begun. Incidentally, many Khalistani leaders, staying in Canada and USA, as soon as the farmers movement kick-started, began looking for the opportunity to revive their own mischievous agenda to resurrect Khalistan movement yet again from their ashes. Whereas the government too cannot escape the responsibility for its own utter negligence and laxity in dealing with rowdism of the worst form, yet the fact too could not escape the nation’s attention was that the whole sordid affair was anything but the genuine intention to seek a peaceful resolution of their set of demands. Regrettably, the farmers barging in with tractors running amok, seeking to crush the police forces underneath its trundling wheels, bore a striking resemblance with that of Bakhtiyar Khalji and his men running amok the Nalanda University, riding on horses, trampling the teachers and the students.
The spectacle, almost appeared to be worst of nightmare, had shaken the national conscience as never before: the citadel of the sovereignty of the republic was so unabashedly challenged by its own stakeholders. Worse still, the prime ministerial prerogative to hoist the national flag, was desecrated in full public view when the terrorist sought to unfurl their own religious flag by pulling down the tri-volour. Who did it, needs to be investigated into, for the farmers are alleging sabotage in it, yet the fact that the slogan ‘ Raj Karena Kjalsa’ was openly raised, fully corroborated the fact that terrorists have infiltrated this farmers movement. Now, as the entire world watched bemused, with the Capitol Hill movement being replicated in India in different disguise, it is the pressing need to call these terrorists to task; it is also required on the fire fighting mode for Modi government to act, especially the perpetrators are surely and certainly to be called to justice and their omissions and commissions nailed. Hating Modi or his government, gives no licence to anyone to desecrate India’s sovereignty, for replacing national flag with a religious one, tantamounts to extending a direct challenge to the democratically elected government. Enough is enough, nation calls for an immediate action on the part of the government to nip in bud such a challenge posed to the unity and the sovereignty of the nation. Government has shown enough of patience and resilience, it is the high time to act. Moreover, 
unprecedented violence calls for even a more stringent action, Modi government has the national sanction to move against the terrorists for their acts of sedition.                     Vivekanand Jha

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