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Webinar on ‘The Impact of Digital Media in Life’ Organized successfully

25th August,2023:( Delhi Bureau Desk-Himalini Magazine Nepal)
A webinar “Impact of Digital Media in Life” was successfully organized
on World Digital Media Day, was organized by Sangyan Media Group. The coordinator of this webinar, Pranjul Srivastava, mentioned that in the aforementioned online discussion, former Merchant Navy officer Ikbal Sheikh from Pakistan, Professor S.S. Dogra, Senior Radio broadcaster Uday Manna, Arun from Siliguri, advocate Sudip, young journalist Sparsh Sinha, Pawan Juneja, Sonu from Patna, Deepak, all expressed their respective opinions as key speakers,
Based on their experiences, the speakers provided extensive insights views on this very important topics such as the importance of digital media in the current environment, digital literacy, and the impact of digital media on daily life. In the concluding session of the webinar, all participating attendees were also honored with digital certificates.

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