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People of Siraha found ignoring lockdown

Manoj Banaita, Siraha, March 29 : As Nepal began enforcing strict lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, locals of Siraha have not been seen serious of this outbreak.

Health experts and politicians have been urging to keep physical distance from one another and stay home as much as possible to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus — but not everyone is listening here.

There were reports from across the district that people ignoring social distancing orders by congregating in public areas like chowk, field and on highway.
CDO of Siraha has announced that there is no tolerance for those defying social distancing orders and that the government could introduce measures to enforce health warnings.
As Nepal lacks adequate resources to tackle an outbreak of the disease, the primary aim of the government is preventive measures. Even so, the government has not been able to assure the public that it is capable of handling the situation. The global phenomenon has already shown how difficult it is to undertake corrective measures. Therefore, the government’s approach and efforts should be to ensure increasing the checkups and isolating suspected carriers of the virus so as to block the spread of the disease. However, it has been felt that the government’s approach has been far from satisfactory.

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