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Pandemic and changing life style of people : MEDHAVI SHRESTHA

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MEDHAVI SHRESTHA, Kathmandu, October 1. Use of technology is evolving rapidly during the time of Covid-19. Each and everyone is utilizing technology in various ways. Since the beginning of this pandemic, various changes have occurred in many line of work. People use technology for school, shopping, work, paying bills and so on.
The number of inter-net users in Nepal in-creased by 315 thousand (+3.2%) between 2019 and 2020 which is 10.21 million users. The number of mobile connections in Nepal increased by 3.0 million (+7.6%) between January 2019 and January 2020 which is 42.85 million users.
There has been a huge transformation in the sector of education. Every school and college is having classes online. Apps such as zoom, Google classroom, Skype and Microsoft words are being used for these classes. Grade 8 students Abiral Shrestha says, “The number of daily classes is reduced than of normal classes. We used to have 8 periods in normal school but now we only have 5 per day.”Not just that, according to him the ways of per-forming and submitting assignments also changed. Most of the assignments are done in Microsoft word and submitted in viber.
Even some exams are being taken online. Kritipradha Pradhan of grade 11 says, “We have our unit tests online they are very different than our usual exams.” Not only in the sector of Education, technology has also brought some changes in aspects of life during this pandemic. People have to be careful of their health during such as crisis. So many people are trying to stay home as much as possible right now.
People are using online payment methods to pay their bills. Apps such as Khalti, Esewa and Payway are used to pay internet, electricity and phone bills. Ruzan Shrestha says, “ I used to pay my internet bill online before corona but now I pay nearly all of my bills online which is way less of a hassle then having to pay bills going to the cash counter. I will probably continue paying bills online.”
Nowadays people can even do shopping online. Apps such as Daraz and sastodeal are turning famous rapidly.While asking to Ramesh Gurung if he uses online shopping he said, “Yes I use online shopping very often. Especially since the beginning of the first lockdown due to corona virus, I buy all my essential items from online. I usually use the daraz app.”
In addition people also order food online in this recent time. People use apps such as Foodmandu bhojdeals and Food Mario to order their food.During covid-19 the restaurants are using extra precautionary measures. The food is brought to your door step by the delivery person. They use preventive measures such as using a mask and gloves even a bodysuit for their and the customers safety which is very thoughtful.
While doctors and nurses have to go to work every day to save people’s life, many citizens are working from home. They don’t have to go to their offices rather they can work from home.Due to the technological development many people have the luxury of working from home during this pandemic rather than having to go to the office and risking getting infected by the virus.
Offices are held online and people work from their laptops and phones. Various conference and seminars and meetings and appointments etc are held online.Various apps such as zoom, viber and mails are used to carry out the office works. Every project, task and job is given and submitted online. People are embracing technology way more than they have before recently. Nearly everyone is de-pended on technology for their tasks in daily life. Loads of activity can be done through the help of technology. With the single press of a button, a person can see a person who lives on the other side of the globe. And during such a dreadful time of this pandemic, technology has made the lives of people so much more pleasant.


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