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Lost culture changing people : Divya tiwari

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Whenever you talk about culture and civilization, you will definitely be considered conservative or fundamentalist.

Divya tiwari . If you love Indian culture then you are considered conservative and if you promote western culture then you are considered modern. In such a situation, what should we consider those who are from the west and love our western culture? Actually, Indians do not know the difference between Western and modern culture.Talking about Indian culture and civilization, there is a lot that made the world civilized. Everything changes over time but some of those changes are beneficial and some are harmful. By omitting certain things, your identity is erased and its consequences are to be passed on to your future generations.

Whenever you talk about culture and civilization, you will definitely be considered conservative or fundamentalist. The only people who fill such a mindset in your mind are those who want to end your culture and civilization in the name of modernism or intellectualism. You have not been taught to rebel against your country and culture in just one day. This is the result of hundreds of years of slavery and marketism
When we talk of Indian culture, its part is people of all religions, castes, provinces and societies. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all those who consider themselves Indians to save the culture. Let us know how in the era of bad practices of marketism, communism and modernism, we save our culture, language is an important part of culture. All the languages ​​and dialects of India are an important part of the culture. Hindus or Muslims, Sikhs or Christians – the ancestors of all these have been speaking in their languages ​​from generation to generation, but the present generation is leaving it due to modernity or religious fanaticism.
Similarly, if we talk about Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Malvi etc. in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani and Hindi dialects in India, then the prevalence of English and Persian language words has increased. Hindi is almost becoming English. If Hindi dies, the dialects of Hindi will die automatically, in such a situation it will be even more difficult to save Marathi and Gujarati.
Speak for yourself and teach your children more and more your language. Love the language of the area you live in
Tell your children about your culture and traditions and do not correct them with your culture. Only then can we save our culture and traditions

Divya Tiwari : journalist & writter

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