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Buffalo Distribution Program In Lahan Create Havoc

Manoj Banaita, LAHAN : The Province 2 government has started distributing hybrid buffaloes to each family of those who attain-ed martyrdom during the Madhes movement, Jana Andolan and Maoist insurgency. Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives of Province No. 2 Shailendra Prasad Sah distributed buffalo in Lahan. The programme ended with disputes among madheshee youths. According to them, buffalos have been given to own party leaders and supporters only. During the programme, ex-minister Rajalal Yadav and his son-in-law Ramesh Yadav, Prayag Yadav, Ram Chalitar Mahato, the family of Martyr Ramesh Mahato along with other 11 families received buffaloes. The dissatisfied youths blamed on minister for discrimination. According to them, buffaloes have been given to the leaders and supporters of Samajbadi Party only. The dissatisfied group called agitation against the minister. They have revolted with negative shout-slogan against the minister Sah. The Province government has provided buffaloes to the families of martyrs for their income generation. Prior to this, the first meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Province No. 2 had decided to provide employment opportunities to the immediate kin of the martyrs.

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