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 Where Hindu Ashmita and national pride will find their resounding reverberations in Modi’s hatrick.

Vivekanand Jha Ranchi: Much of hullabaloo has been unleashed by the opposition, along with the covert backing of foreign power, to berate Modi regime for persecuting Arvind Kejriwal, the incumbent chief minister of Delhi. However, with the verdict of Delhi High Court, which has examined the legal sustainability of charges framed against him by the ED, has put to shreds the collective grudge of Opposition targetting Modi regime of a political vendetta which, in the face of the aforesaid verdict, inevitably stands controverted. Today the Opposition stands deeply neck with corruption charges and, therefore, the common agenda of Opposition is to ensure that Narendra Modi regime, by fair or foul means, is sent packing at the hustings. Small wonder then the litany of allegations being framed against Modi regime, is a part of the propaganda to discredit Modi regime, so much so, that the people of India will get disillusioned with Narendra Modi, contemplating a collective blunder by voting against him. Unequivocally, much like the great soccer wizard, Diego Maradona in 90’s where his opponents collectively targetted him, unleashing the worst form of vengeance, to hobble him, for they shrewdly realised that, with the puncturing of Maradona, Argentina stood pulverised. The same analogy applies in the current political scenario of this country, especially for this upcoming general election: discredit Modi, get India driven back to Nehruvian secularism, a definitive precursor to Islamisation of this republic. Thus Modi is the bridge between Bharat and Islamistan. His defeat ensures the victory of anti- national forces.

Arvind Kejriwal, who has been nailed in the grave offence of money laundering, even the deplorable charges of having taken crores of rupees from Khalistani elements, stares nakedly at his faces. But then, the foreign powers like China and USA–the latter is the most untrustworthy ally whose duplicitous and dubious roles in many of the past instances, were ostensible–
resulting in Modi, seldom jettisoning the trusted Russia and, therefore despite the unconscionable pressure brought about by the USA and NATO, Modi stood steadfastly with Russia. Significantly, China, the eternal adversary of India, if we use the euphemism of ‘ enemy’, was always expected to influence the general election of 2024 to unsettle Modi at the hustings–the Galvan Valley clash in 2020 was the vindication of Indian soldiers looking into the eyes of Chinese counterpart–was hitherto the scripting of an unprecedented saga in the military valour of India. Such was the degree and magnitude of Chinese surprise at this robust resistance extended by Indian soldiers, that China had to hurriedly scurry for a cover. However one may argue, what did Modi do? The explanation is simple: Modi gave the free hand to the army to do whatever it thought best and pragmatic; none of his predecessors ever had the brazen audacity to give the army a free hand. This was the biggest shocker for China; in fact, China had decided then to ensure that the strong leadership of Modi was the sine qua non to prevent its hegemony in Asia. USA, on the other hand, had its own vile agenda: It wants India to stand to the bullying of China, but not under a strong leadership of Modi who can dare defy the USA. USA wants a leader in India who can do its bidding. Therefore Modi is strict no for USA. Besides, the meteoric rise of India, under the sagacious leadership of Modi, is causing dread in the White House. Small wonder then, the USA and NATO will leave no stone unturned to sabotage Modi’s victory at the hustings.

2024 is the game changer for the nation. Whereas the opposition, in dread of Modi phenomenon, has been spreading the canard that if Modi wins, there will be no general election after 2024. This, in fact, is done with an ulterior intention to inject fear in the minds of the people. However, the people of India will welcome Modi helming the nation, atleast for next five years till the anglicised India, which, suffocating under the long colonial rule and the indigenous rule of Congress Party, only sought to distort the nation’s raison d’etre and summum bonum; the erstwhile regimes of Gandhi- Nehru family sought to wrought as much damage as it could to Hindus: the notorious Congress Party did all that to promote its Islamic agenda under the garb of Nehruvian secularism. And if it is voted back to power, it will leave no stone unturned to hasten the nation towards its balkanisation in no time. This diabolical agenda of Congress Party is becoming ostensible in its current manifesto where its anti- Hindu agenda is explicit. Small wonder then Hindus enmasse will commit a political harakiri if they vote for Congress Party. Modi alone is the Saviour of Hindu race; he is the messian who could restore the nation’s soul after five hundred years, ever since Babur had sought to demoish the Janma Bhoomi of Sri Ram, the Maryada Purushottam. The entire Hindu community owes a collective debt to an individual: Narendra Damodardas Modi, which can be redeemed only if the nation overwhelmingly votes for Modi’s hatrick. In this context, the observation of Acharya Pramod Krishnan, a former Congressman, deserves profound attention: ‘ I don’t think anyone in the country could have paved the way for reconstruction of Ram Lala temple in Ayodhya, even after the Supreme court’d verdict’. Indeed, I too, concur with Acharya Pramod Krishnan on this.

The upcoming general election is going to decide which direction the nation will take–whether India will disappear in the vast ocean of Bharatvarsha or the anglicised India basking in the colonial underpinnings, shall gain traction with the rulers we may have. Significantly, the volatility of times and vicissitudes of the nation’s fortune which, almost after five hundred years, has remarkably exhibited this countries return to its moorings, shall stop forthwith, to take a turn towards the reverse direction, towards alienating the nation’s newly found panacea: A sunlit return to Hindu nationalism, which is akin to Indian nationalism, for Indian nationalism takes its lessons from Chhatrapati Shivaji and Maharana Pratap, and not from Babur or Aurangzeb. Congress’ propagation of nationalism is premised on venerating Babur and Aurangzeb’s legacy–how Natwar Singh in his book One life is not enough talks about Indira paying a glowing tribute to Babur by standing in front of his tomb and quipping, ‘ Today I have had tryst with history’. Unequivocally then, Hindus should not succumb to the opposition’s propaganda blitzkrieg of soaring unemployment, the decline in G.D.P. and other factors. In fact, India’s rise in the global platforms, has been unprecedented during the Modi regime. Hence, Modi’s hatrick will only add feather to the nation’s crown. In short, the image of Modi as the one who dares to reset the Lakshman Rekha stands cemented in the polity and therefore ‘ Abki bar 400 par’ is the pragmatic estimate to be achieved by the NDA. On the other hand, the anticipation of Congress Party of the duplication of 2004 tantamounts to living in the fool’s paradise, for the majority Hindus had not woken up in 2004 as they have today, to their fundamental belief that the national good is measured by the good of 1.40 billion people and not what Congress has been believing all along: The appeasement of Muslim vote banks as a licence to remain in power.

Vivekanand Jha, author of Delhi Beckons: RaGa for NaMo, 56 Inches and The Making of Narendra Modi, Unmaking of Jawaharlal.

Vivekanand Jha is an upcoming author of ‘ The Man Who Dares to Reset The Lakshman Rekha, to be released after the General election when nation will vote for the hatrick of Narendra Modi at the hustings. He is also an Author of The Making of Narendra Modi
Unmaking of Jawaharlal, the best book to have ever been written on Prime Minister

He is an Author, Academician and a Public Intellectual.

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