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Armed Police gone wild, brutalising the people in Balan Bihul

 Manoj Banaita, Saptari, March 30 : Armed police force of Ramnagar, Saptary brutalised the people in the rural municipality Balan Bihul. In the charge of violating lockdown called by government, two armed police men wildly beat the people of Mauwaha. Hare Krishna Sah and Chandan Yadav, residents of Balan Bihul -3, Mauwaha have been beaten by armed police, Manoj Chaudhary while they were fetching medicine from drugstore. Due to extreme torture, victim sah and yadav are seriously injured. They had been immediately taken to the nearly health post by villagers. The incharge of Armed Police force Ramnagar, Keshav Thapa didn’t receive the call made by journalists. The fact that armed Police are oblivious to their job description—to protect lives and provide security to Nepali citizen—is evident in the way their actions have been imperilling the lives of the public. The arbitrary use of force in the garb of ‘controlling’ public not to come out of their houses, the situation points to an alarming rise of police brutality in most of the places. The actions of the police reflect the character of the state itself and the government of the day. Although in a modern state, the monopoly of using violence ‘legitimately’ rests on the government, citizens of a democratic country must resist and challenge the institutional violence that is being perpetuated against them. Nepal is a constitutional democracy, founded on the basis of respect for the fundamental rights of the people. The police are not a law unto themselves, and they cannot act with little regard for the law. The more they forget this, the greater the civic discord that will flow from it. If the police are not held to constitutional standards, it will endanger the public.

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