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AfghanPeace Talks: Plan to Install Western-obedient Taliban in Kabul ! : Baburam Paudel

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Sometimes time also plays a sharp sarcasm. The February agreement of US and Taliban and recent peace talks on Afghanistan in Doha of Qatar are the exact examples for that. About six months ago USA and Taliban signed an agreement, after the same, recently Afghan government-Taliban peace-talks were begun again in Doha. Talks be supposed in March but was not successes because of continue attack of Taliban on Afghan forces made it delay. Taliban set conditions to free their detainees in Afghan prisons; the government and Taliban were in differences about numbers to release their detainees from the detentions. Taliban demanded it as the precondition of talks. Ultimately, the obstacle was clear for talk when a brief ceasefire and about 5000 Taliban detainees freed from Afghan Jails. Nobody would assume in 2001 that the US and Afghan government would ever share any table talk with Taliban in future. All this is happening right now. The possibility is even visible that the US and Taliban, two deadly enemies of the past, are jointly preparing to pull Afghanistan’s neck-rope in the coming day.

According to sources, the Taliban is currently looking in enthusiasm, but the US-backed ruling elite of Kabul are confused about the future. It is afraid that in the days to come, America’s blessings may be given to the Taliban. Amid increasing new political activities of talk, this time the general section of the country is feeling uncertain.

US President Donald Trump is going to face the election this November. He does not have a strong issue to influence the American people except China; he might be benefited from this new issue.

American President Trump thought of returning back the US Army from Afghanistan and Iraq just after his entry in White House about three years ago. In the years that followed, all new progress is on the line of planning. The landscape is changing now. According to the sources, the Taliban is looking in excitement this time but the US backed ruling elite of Kabul is in confusion about the forthcoming time. Amid the rising new political activities, this time the common class of the country is looking undecided. This class is in confusion that the present time is to be happy or sad for itself.

US President Donald Trump is going to face the election this November. He has not any strong issue to impress American people except China where he might be in benefit to add this issue.

After the 2001 terrorist attack on America, USA suddenly concentrated to dissipate the Islamist terrorism from the world. It was instinctive that the eyes of America should fall in the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the land of Islamic extremism at that time. Many factions of Islamist extremism were active there to conduct worldwide network. In the situation America and his allies went to attack against Taliban and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan with troops and armaments, where there had never been peace for a long time.

Even after the passing of 19 years of presence of white colored western Army in Afghanistan, Taliban still in warfare against Kabul and the bloodshed is not stopping now; although both are in ceasefire on the name of fruitful talk now. What has the USA and its allies done in Afghanistan over two decades? Is the goal to destroy through the mean of military action against terrorism fulfilled? The people are starting to rethink now. As the routine the mission to be complete next month; America wants a quick exit from the old and hanging problem of Afghan, and expedite trying to negotiate between Afghan government and the Taliban to hand over the problem.

There is a proverb prevalent in the diplomatic circle that America often cultivates problems more than solutions in foreign countries for its domination. Perhaps, Afghanistan is one another of the examples for that. Staying in Afghanistan, America scattered the network of his most targeted enemy Al Qaeda and killed the most wanted Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden who was protected by Taliban in Pakistan. Apart from this, has he got any great success?

Taliban, a dogmatic terrorism was come again with the ugly face in Afghan rural area. It was involved in violence even the eve of Doha talk. Seemingly, there is nothing saved remarkably positive for unfortunate Afghanistan in the past 19 years except nominal governments. People in that country are still in a panic. Probably, the future also will be.

America came first indirectly to Afghanistan after the USSR military intervention in 1979. Mujahideen factions were in guerilla warfare against the USSR army in different parts of Afghanistan. In the meantime the USA came through Pakistan to support them with arms and logistics. In the cold war time Pakistan was on the American side and India was a supporter of the USSR. Now the power equation is completely changed with the raising of new China.

The first chapter of the decade-long war changed into the second chapter with the return back of the USSR Army in 1989. In 1991 the breaking of the USSR gave strategically easy for Washington, and the cold-war was ended. After the downfall of USSR backed Najibullah’s communist government, few Mujahedeen factions formed an interim government according to a Peshawar Accord in 1992 but other groups started a war against the interim government of Kabul. Unfortunately, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia were supporting different rebel factions in Afghanistan. The civil war destroyed the country amid the thick fog for a long time.

After the raise of Taliban in 1994 from the Islamist fundamental schools (Madrashas) of Pakistan, it captured the parts of the Afghanistan and came to the Power of Kabul 1996 to 2001. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE recognized the Taliban regime of Kabul. USA forward a strict policy after 9/11 incident against Islamic terrorism and NATO lead International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) deployed 130000 troops in Afghanistan in 2003 to 2014 in the green signal of UNO. This mission was launched to boost the capability of the Kabul government to destroy the power of Taliban and 28 multinational reconstruction teams also sent under the ISAF were ended in 2014. NATO again started an assistance program to strengthen the Afghan security forces in 2015. The NATO Summit in Brussels in 2018 committed to prolong this program. Being after a long time, the major problem of peace was not reached to the solution. Long running bloodshed could not stop to achieve the goal of restoring peace.

Over years US President Donald Trump was committed to stop “war without conclusion” in Afghanistan because more than 2200 American soldiers were killed and over 2 trillion dollars spent.

The water in Kabul River had flowed more or less in Afghanistan so far but the thirst of peace of people was not still quenching. Perhaps it was now changed into a burden for the USA to stay more in Afghanistan. In this situation, the USA and allies had not seen any other option beyond the negotiation with the Taliban. Although some infrastructures are built in urban areas, and urban people are starting liberal lifestyle, rural people are still forced to live hard lives under the shadow of Taliban’s terror.

In last February the USA proposed the Taliban leave all terrorist activities and nexuses in lieu of withdrawal of foreign military forces from Afghanistan. The agreement binds the Taliban not to misuse the land of Afghanistan against the US and its allies too.

The plan to decrease American troops from 8600 to 4500 by the end of this October but White House doing work without any further consultation of NATO members, at the time of negotiation talk with main enemy Taliban – In America is accused. US Central Command Combined Air Operations Center says about 100,000 Afghan have been killed or injured in the last 10 years. Another source says About 12000 people were killed in the last 7 months. Really Taliban is ready to give up all inhumane dogmas and accept the democratic norms in this time. Is Taliban actually committed to leave violence or only using it as a strategic tool? Question still not solved with a faithful answer. The significance of the Doha talks will also be determined by this.

The US mission started in Afghanistan to stabilizing a country or region from the threat of terrorism, if this is the case, the mission is not successes. Afghanistan is still not in practice of democracy, not free of human right abuses and corruption. Is it a realistic concept to impose European style of democracy in Afghanistan? With the rising strategic value of Afghanistan amid the Iran and China backed Pakistan, will the US really leave that country? Answers would be uncovered after the Qatar talks.

Baburam Paudel

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